I need help with the lock/pull on the Betty

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  1. I have a small Betty, and the zipper pull is a heavy gold lock....like after the zipper is closed, this heavy gold piece locks into it's counterpart.

    I am looking at a large Betty, and the zipper pull looks like it's a wide leather tab...no heavy gold piece.

    Now I know my small Betty is authentic because it's from Nordstrom (purchased a while ago)......do the larger Bettys have a leather tab as a zipper pull? I am confused.

    Thanks for any info :idea:
  2. The older Betty styles had the gold lock piece, which I loved and thought it added more style to the bag. Betty also went thru I think one season where the bag had no rings on the zippers.
  3. Thanks Just!!! :tup:

    And thanks for the info about the zipper pulls, I did see some with out the ring pull, and also questioned that. Thanks!!!!!:idea:
  4. Yes mine has the gold lock on it to, and totally authentic as i bought mine from chloe.

    i dont like the ones with just the leather instead of the gold lock. i dont care how heavy it is, it totally doesnt look as good without it.
  5. Agree, I have a black with the lock and a gray without the rings/lock, totally different looks, the lock/rings add more pizzaz. Pics below.
  6. I have the medium black betty and she has the lock on the tab plus the gold rings. Ive seen them without and although i like it i still think the lock is best. Wouldnt stop me buying one without as im in love with the ivory betty bags.