I need help with purchasing a Speedy!

  1. Well, I have an Black Epi Leather Speedy in mind but I also like the Nomade...the Nomade's more expensive but they're both elegant, I really don't know which one to choose. Help please!
  2. Get the Black Epi!!!
  3. Black Epi!
  4. true the nomade is more pricey, but i love the color of nomade leather.
  5. Definitely the Black Epi... Nomade is high maintenance!
  6. The epi, I understand that the nomade is very prone to scratches.
  7. Black Epi :yes:
  8. black epi for me too! :smile:
  9. Nomade is very easily scratched, while epi is way durable, go for the epi ! :yes:
  10. Black Epi is understated, yet sooo elegant...
  11. I think Nomade looks beautiful, even especially when well-used and lightly scratched with love...
  12. Black Epi!
  13. I like the epi.
  14. Yup, I like the Black Epi as well. :yes:
  15. Black Epi :yes: