I need help with Paypal

  1. Could someone tell me

    Is it easy to close if you just want to do one transaction. and if the amount is above 500, can you withdraw all of it in one month??
  2. no-unless you set it up that way..its I think,1.95 fee....to go over 500...I did one transaction and then closed it...its not safe..people can hack into your bank accounts..Be careful!
  3. Oh .. thats scary. the person I'm selling my bag to can only pay with paypal. I don't know what to do.. :sad:
  4. Once you sell...and people know you are a good seller....you can accept checks instead..Thats what I do....PLUS paypal takes a percentage out of it...I would rather wait and sell to people who KNOW me!
    Good luck..dont hesitate to PM me any questions..I was in this boat not too long ago and evryone was kind enough to answer my questions too!!