I need help with Colors

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  1. Ok - going to the Jackon NJ Coach outlet today and the Zoes are additional 30% off :yahoo:
    I LOVE LOVE the Berry color - does anyone have this color :smile:
    I also love the khaki signature with that pink trim and the brown trim is calling my name - PLEASE help
  2. The berry color is the best!
  3. I do not have it but Berry color is my the coolest color. It really brings out the bag.
  4. When you see the berry in person, I'd be amazed if you can put it down and leave it there. It is gorgeous!
  5. Honey I keep going back to Ebay and looking at her - it is a DONE deal - she will be coming home with mama TONIGHT ;) Thanks everyone

    Getting her in the large ;)
  6. hey - I am 90% sure they have the dark coral at my store
  7. My store had ALL the colors! Green, Berry, All the Sigs, and metallic! The whole front end was Zoes!
  8. Berry is definitely at the top of my list for Zoes. It's gorgeous. I am personally trying to justify to DH why I need this color as well, when I already have 3 other Zoes.
  9. Berry!! Berry!!! I wanted to cry when I had to set her back down!! 2nd runner up would be the sig with coral or pink trim
  10. B/c it needs a new home and she needs to be in your WORLD :yahoo:
  11. OH - I am getting the BERRY - I can not stop thinking about her ;) :graucho:
  12. The berry is really pretty and striking. I had her in my hand a long time and had to put her back, but she is quite a beauty.
  13. Zoes are an extra 30% off now? Off what price? eek!
  14. Ugg! I called my outlet today and was told they haven't received any new ones in at least 2 weeks, which is the last time I was there.
  15. where is your store??? have them call Jackson NJ or Atlantic City NJ and do a customer send