I need help with CL boots!!!

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  1. I'm new to TPF.. But I've got a ton of questions.
    I'm also new to CL shoes and boots... I know right..Like where have I been..LOL..
    But back to my important questions about them.. I'm trying to decide on some boots to buy.. But I've gotta ask..
    What is the difference between all of them??
    There is soo many that seem to look exactly the same to me.
    The Bourge... The Pretty woman.. The Babel.. Ginevra
    Bourge zeppa..Alta Ariella???

    Sorry if this seems like a very stupid question... I just don't see the difference between them.
    I want to purchase a pair but would like the help and input of "professionals" :P
  2. You might want to post in the CL subforum to get a better response from those experts.

    But off the top, one of the biggest differences is the platform on each of these boots. Some have hidden platforms, visible platforms or no platforms. Also the shaft is a little different and heel heights vary by about 5 mm
  3. yes, post in the CL subforum or do a search on boots and you will be able to find lots of reference pics and explainations of the differences.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.