i need help with chanel logo on jumbo flap! :(

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  1. hi ladies and gentlemen.. i have a question before i get my first jumbo from this shop..

    realise the shop has 2 jumbos in SHW, however what bothers me is the chanel silver logo in the front of the flap

    as you can see from the picture, the 2 logos does not look the same, 1 is flat and the other one more rounded.. is one of them fake or both are of legitimate background?

    pls help me before i go to the shop and get "scam" tml..


  2. There is indeed 2 types of CC or more from vintage that has the flatter CC logo. However by putting the logo picture alone can't help us to identify whether is it real or fake. It is best you post in the authentication thread. There are many lovely authenticators there that can help.
  3. thanks babe! will do that now :smile:
  4. #4 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    they are both authentic. cc logos come in either the flat or the rounded ones. they are just from different manufacturers appointed by chanel and comes in different batches..so if you have have a preference, you may have to wait for the next batch if the present ones are not what you like. but the following batch may be the same as the present. so it all depends on luck.:biggrin:
  5. thank you thank you ladies!
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