I need help with advice for a friend

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  1. I have a friend who just recently got out of a SHORT marriage, and I do mean short as in 2 months long (he was a smooth talker and good eye candy). She has been seeing this guy who she wants to get into a relationship with but he keeps saying, "wait 2 weeks and then I'll let you know." They have been having sex and hanging out all the time. Well, one of her ex-boyfriends called her last night, because they are still friends, well Ryan* (name changed) flipped out on her and said, "I guess a relationship wouldn't work out because I see how you are. If we got into a relationship, things would have to change." He has mostly friends who are girls and he talks to them all the time when she is around.

    What advice would you give my friend? I told her to ditch him but she still wants to be with him.
  2. "He is just not that into her"

  3. First, she needs to make it clear that her exes who are still friends are just friends. If that doesn't make him stop his claims, then he's stupidly possessive and that's unhealthy.

    In my opinion, he's just stringing her along for sex or something and that's not something she should be in.
  4. he is just using her for sex point blank .......If she is willing to accept that , all he is goin to do is use her , Thats is a red flag going up : ask me in two weeks " if u want to be with someone u know it
  5. That's just what I was thinking! Get her the book, he's just not that into you!
  6. He sounds a little controllinmg, telling her to wait 2 weeks to decide if he is interested, and then getting pissy when she talks to someone else. Tell her to save herself alot of future problems by getting out now!
  7. Does she have a problem with getting into relationships too fast? If that guy really was into her (and I agree with the others), he'd know, or at least make it clear that they'll be getting more serious in future.
  8. I went to lunch with her today and he texted her to tell her that he has some "loose ends" to tie up before getting into a relationship. That made me think there's another girl.
  9. That guy definitely sounds like toxic waste. If you love your friend and you clearly do by asking for advice about her relationship, then try and make her see that he's not right for her.
  10. This girl needs to take a break from dating/relationships for a while.
  11. We've all told her that but she's the girl who CAN'T be single.
  12. how old is this guy, he sounds like he is tops 16 years old. WTF "he needs two weeks". I would never let a man say that to me, and if he did it would be the last thing spoken between the two of us. If he is like that from the start things aren't going to get better only worsE!
  13. LOL he's 25 and my hubby has known the guy all of his life. they grew up together and this guy is really immature. He'll never grow up as my hubby says.
  14. Sounds like they both need a little growing up. Sometimes people need to be single to get to know themselves first and figure out who or what type of person they want to be with
    My boyfriend is still friends with his first love. They're good friends as a matter of fact and she is also one of mine. There's no use in even talking to her because in the end it's all up to her to make the right decision. All you can do is be her friend.