I need help with a bag crisis :0)

  1. Hi All:

    This is my first time posting. I love the this message board. Thanks for having me :yahoo: !!!

    I have a question. I just got my bonus and would like to spend roughly 5 to 700 on a bag. Now, I am loving this coach bag Coach - ALI LEATHER SHOULDER FLAP

    Its 498.00 but In my mind, Im like, for that kinda of money I should go get a LV Speedy. But on the other hand, its a limited edition.

    Now to give you a lil background. I do have a LV but its a man's wallet like clutch bag. I love it and get lots compliments on it. And I just bought a Dior bag in Nov. It was on sale from 1k to 500! (what!!) Yea that's what I said...HAHA

    So ladies what do think?? Please help sorry so long.
  2. I really like this bag, my only hangup would be the inside is too tacky. I would say, get what you really like. If you can get LV Speedy but not really crazy about it, why bother?
  3. Which bag do YOU love more? The LV's hold their value better and the Speedy is a classic. You could post your question on the Coach board and the LV board. Yes, they are biased but you may get some good reasons for one bag or the other that you haven't considered.

    good luck choosing!
  4. I agree with the previous posters. You have to get what you really love. Lots of people consider "X" brand to be higher than "Y" brand, but none of that matters to the people who own the bags.

    If you are only concerned about resale value, then go with the LV. If you are concerned about having a bag you treasure, then go with the one that speaks to you, regardless of price point or brand.
  5. my friend has that coach bag and she LOVES it! i have a legacy shoulder bag in pond and love it...coach is classic and if you put a scarf around it you can give it a different look...i say go with the coach!
  6. If you really love the Coach bag the fact that you can get a speedy wouldn't matter. :yes:

    Personally I like LV's more, also I have had some bad experiences where I buy a limited edition bag from Coach and they end up at the outlets! :wtf: But I don't know what is going to happen with the Legacy collection since I hear they are selling really well.
  7. I would go Coach before I would go LV ... JMO.
  8. Pick each one up and hold it and look in the mirror, that will answer your question.
  9. I think Coach is better since it is a Limited Edition rather than buying a Speedy that everybody has it.


    Oh how I wish our Directors can announce our 1 month bonus too by the end of March! Lucky you!
  10. I love that bag, and I think the striped interior is perky and fun! :heart: Do you prefer a shoulderbag over a handheld, or vice versa? That should factor in your decision as well. Have fun deciding! :yes:
  11. I like the coach! You can always get the speedy later cause it's always going to be there!
  12. I think the speedy is a classic and you can't go wrong there. Btw, aren't bonuses great? ;)
  13. Coach has some beautiful leather,I am an LV girl usually, but I like this bag very much. The speedies are strictly handheld & that can be a pain , the Coach bag will be a lot heavier than the speedy so these are somethings to consider before you buy. I don't think you can wrong with either bag, they are both classic styles.
  14. i really like that coach bag!! i also really like the legacy sachel and the new ergo bag that just came out (just ini case you wanted to look @ some others!)

    I would def pick coach over LV I am not big on the LV print and how i see it everywhere

    i think it sucks that coach increased their prices and started pricing their newer bags higher but i think its worth it! :smile:
  15. Go with the one that you'll use more. I bought a speedy for my first LV bag, and I just don't love it as much as I did when I first got it. It sits in my closet and gets lonely now :crybaby: