I need help! Which color should I get??

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  1. I want to order my first Botkier but I can't decide which color I want.

    I wear a lot of black and jeans. In the spring/summer I wear some pink and green colors. I tend to be on the casual side all the time and I work in an office that gets pretty dirty quickly. (Landscaping Industry). My husband gave me a Signature Coach Zoe Zip Around wallet in mahogany brown 2 years ago and will still be using it.

    I'm hoping to use my first Howard St. Satchel all year round. Which color do you think I should go for? Thanks for the help.



  2. Given the colours that you've mentioned in your wardrobe, I'd go with Magenta, I think. I'm not sure the Espresso would go well with pink and green (although I don't really abide by the no-brown-and-black rule), and the Cement definitely looks too light for you to maintain easily if your office gets dirty easily. Alternatively, this also comes in Black, and Luna Boston has a couple of exclusive colours too (Teal and Crinkled Camel). Magenta sounds like it might be the best choice of the current colours, though, IMHO! :smile:

    I think it might also be worth considering whether there's another colour out there that could work better for you, and that the Howard St Satchel might come in later on. I've been crushing on this bag for awhile too, but I don't think any of the current colours fit too well into my current collection, so I may just wind up passing on it for now. :sad: I'm definitely hoping that Botkier will release this again in more colours in a future season, though. If you can't find a colour that works perfectly for you, it may be worth considering waiting for the right one too. :flowers:

  3. I'm leaning towards expresso. You can carry a brown bag with a black outfit, absolutely.
  4. I vote for Expresso if you want a classic bag, or Magenta if you want it to be more of a fun, colour detail. If you only wear one most of the time definitely Expresso.
  5. i think the magenta would be a great pop of color since you tend to wear neutrals.. the color is really amazing and i love the shape of the bag. but ultimately it has to be what you feel comfortable with and what you will reach for to use.

    i agree with starkfan that you could wait for future seasons to see if botkier will do the howard in other colors. good luck!
  6. I'd say the magenta, it is a great color for spring and it is dark enough to handle your job
  7. What about camel? Just saw it on Luna Boston and it's beautiful.
  8. Hello ladies. I just ordered the one in Carnival. I never thought it will be in stock again. The magenta is very pretty. Thanks to all the suggestions.
  9. How exciting! Please post pictures when you receive it! :yahoo:
  10. Oh I will post pictures for sure. :biggrin:
  11. ooh yay i can't wait to see your pictures! i see this bag with so many outfits... oh the possibilities :smile:
  12. Thank you! I'm really excited right now. This is my first bag from Botkier. I'm hooked already. LOL
  13. i hope you love it! i am a big fan of the brand. great leather! i have four and really want to get another for spring!