I need help, what would you do?

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  1. I just got the red groom agenda on Fri. and I am thinking about returning it to put the money towards a denim pleaty. I just got the OK from the husband as this is really it, your last hurrah for a year and a half. OK, my question is should I go for it, (is the denim pleaty worth a $1210.00 price tag) or should I be a good girl and keep the red groom agenda and get a red vernis cles ( I have a gift certificate) The bags that I alreay have are mono speedy 30, backpack, black MC noe, white trouville, MC agenda (I use my agenda as a wallet), and groom cles.
    Please let me know what you think, I value all your opinions and no one else understands like you all do. Thanks.
  2. well personally i think you'll get more use out of the agenda and cles but you already ave one. would you use the groom as a real agenda or another wallet? the pleaty is pretty but i don't know- i would keep what you have.

    but honestly what is going to make YOU happiest? you need to get whatever you love the most
  3. Based on what you've said, I would get the denim pleaty. Clearly you're already experiencing dissonance towards your Groom purchase so that's a good reason to make things right :yes: You already have another cles and agenda (despite it being used as a wallet) but no denim! Diversity is good, says I :wlae:
  4. denim pleaty you'll always use more a bag than accsesories
  5. Denim pleaty!!!!
  6. get tha bag!!!! i learned the hard way that little acessories just arent lv satisfying...
  7. yeah - being unhappy about your purchase, in any way, i think warrants taking it back and making things right...

    aside from that, i would say i dont think the denim pleaty is worth the 1210 price tag. for that money, you can get a whole bunch of bigger, nicer, more long-lasting bags...i guess the denim line just isnt a favorite.

    hope you figure it out! (i know how you feel ;))
  8. I do like the agenda and it is a LE piece but I always have this twisted thinking of put the money towards a bag instead. I would have to put alot more money towards the bag in this case. I keep going back and forth, it's part of my addiction I guess. Also, since the pleaty will be discontinued as mentioned in a post it makes me want it even more. What to do, what to do.
  9. I think the denim pleaty is really cute but couldn't bite the bullet to buy it coss of the price tag!! I'd rather get another epi bag. I love epi =P

    Bought the groom item coss it was limited edition. i'm a sucker for that stuff!! Just be careful when you use the groom item coss the design is painted on and will wear off if you're not careful.

    I think the question is whether you're happy with the groom item but want an additional LV or if you're not that happy with the groom agenda. if the latter then return it and get the denim pleaty or another bag.

    I'd forget about the cles esp since you have one.
  10. my thoughts, let-trade has a used baggy pm with is tab bigger then the pleaty, i'd go for it and use the extra money for a cute accessory.
    And if you have a gift card for the cles you'll end up with 3 items instead of two :smile:

    I dont think the pleaty is worth that money
  11. what about keep the groom agenda and get the mini pleaty! Mini pleaty is not that much smaller and $500 cheaper...

    10.3" L x 7.4" H x 5.1" W Pleaty
    10.1" L x 5.9" H x 3.5" W Mini Pleaty
  12. I would definitely get the pleaty...its an adorable bag AND I heard that they are discontinuing it. Let us know what you decide!!
  13. Good idea! ITA
  14. I would wait, you sound undecided...I think it's good to wait a bit whenever you're not quite sure.
  15. Well since you are doubting your purchase you return it for something else...as for the pleaty I don't think it's worth the price. Somehow denim shouldn't be that expensive!!! I'd say go for something else that you will definitely get more use out of!!!