I need help! What should I do???

  1. Ok this actually follows on to my previous post about not receiving a dust cover with my groom agenda AND NO care booklets with both my agenda and cles. Small issue I know, but it bothers me.

    (And to make matters worse I called my SA and she was 'certain' they don't come with dust covers):Push:

    So anyway, I actually called up the Collins st store today with another enquiry, and the guy on the phone was sooo lovely about everything! He said that he did have both the agenda and the cles there and reserved it for me.

    Being who I am I obviously blurted out the whole story to him (since it was probably strange for him to see me reserving the exact same thing I bought just a week ago). And I received a call from the Crown store 5min later and apparently he's called in and told them what happened.

    So the Crown store was really apologetic and nice about it, and said that they'll courier it out for me. But now all I want is to go back, return the items, and change SA and stores all together :sad:

    What should I do?
  2. I hear you, sometimes you're so frustrated you feel you 'need' to do somethig, but is it really worth the effort. I would be happy to have the missing dust bag, cards and let it go...you can always change for your next purchase and be sure to let them know, I came here because....
  3. This is the reason why I don't have 'SA'. You get into a situation where you would need to go out of your way because of an 'incident'.

    Just keep it client-professional. Generally when you're in your own world and you maintain that client-sales person barrier, they try to be extra courteous and helpful rather than when you're 'buddies' with them.
  4. I know it's a hassle, but I'm just soo put off by the store that I don't think I'll go back again :sad:

    And that was actually my first purchase, so it wasn't exactly 'my' SA...she was just the girl who served me :shrugs:
  5. Totally give your business to the nice SA who is going to help you out:smile:
  6. Then I would go back there - completely confident - and just make your case.

    You know, they would do anything to keep you rather than have you talk bad about them to your friends. It's like they say:

    Have a good experience, you'll tell probably 1 friend.
    Have a bad experience, and you'll tell 5 people.

    It's just mathematics ;)

    My trick when that stuff happens:
    I bring in a very expensive or RARE luxury item (they know what's lux and not) and just wait for one of the flies to come to your honey. They will do anything to help. You tell them what happened and how you were shocked that your request was not met. They will single out the 'SA' and not only will they hnour your request, BUT they may even give you a gift, like the LV domino's set, incense, night flight set, or something, as a recompense for their stupid bumbling. :yes:


    When your situation happened similarly to me, at the Galleries Lafayette store in Paris, I was wearing my Cartier watch with my Alma and the head SA came over to me asking me if I wanted champagne and a refreshment! She gave me the item I was looking for (Porte Trésor Int'l in the CB as a gift from my mum) . :lol:
  7. But I don't have a Cartier watch:P

    Ok I think I might just drop into the store and see, if they ONLY give me the dust cover and the care booklets, I'll return the items :yes: