I need help...Vintage bag what's is it called?

  1. The link below is of a very used dooney handbag. I really LOVE the style. And wish to locate one in better shape. Does anyone know what it was called?:confused1: Thanks so much for any assistance you can give~

  2. I don't know the official name. Cavalry? Spectator? Binocular? Camera? You may be doomed to checking every single Dooney listing! Even if you know the real name does the seller know it? Camera was the only key word that didn't bring up this type bag.

    Oh, it comes in several sizes. Check how the seller measured the bag to be sure it will work for you.

    Ask if the closing is tight. The one I had was loose and would stay closed only if I put the checkbook vertical. No problem, this is a smaller bag but you might want to ask.

    Have fun on your hunt!

  3. Thanks Kathyy! I'll check all above...And also ask about the closing staying tight...That's good to know...As for the size...I like the smaller bags...So off to go purse hunting~;)
  4. I've found a few with the names you listed...Thank you so much! Also...I have learned from one already that the latch isn't tight at all. :tup:...It's better to know this now...And go in hunting one that will suit me. Than later find it has issues...Much appreciated your advice!;)
  5. Good luck!

  6. Thanks Kathyy...Seems like I am going to need it. I have been stricking out with the latches being snug...:crybaby:...The one seller said that indeed it wasn't a snug connection when latched. And that they would look into it with Dooney. An then I recieved yet another email from seller saying that Dooney only does a year warrentee...And that it can't be repaired...:crybaby:...I am greatful to you that you brought this flaw to my attention so I could ask if the latch was secure when locked...But...It seems that so far...NONE are secured when latched...
  7. Really? Dooney's latches are so fun and varied but all of them are very functional. Guess I was lucky I saw and lusted after the similar style that is brass button/leather buttonhole type first. Maybe the leather flap has softened with age? I would buy one anyway and put the checkbook in vertically!

  8. So as long as the checkbook is in a vertical position it will stay latched...That makes sense with the one seller said. "You need to make certain that the bag isn't empty but full to push up on the flap to keep it secure...I wasn't sure if what she said was acurate...I guess I was not understanding you the first time. I thought the checkbook pushed the flap open not the other way around by keeping it latched...:rolleyes: Thanks for clearing that up...I found one that is in really great shape...But with only 4 feet instead of the 5 feet I really wanted. I don't know to wait out the 5 feet version. Or jump on the one that has 4 feet and in great shape with no scuffs or anything...
  9. Decisions, decisions. The trim leather is easily damaged, hard to find one with a good looking bottom. Nudge, nudge.
  10. I am holding off for a nicer bottom...This one is smaller...But looks in nicer condition...


    I did find a nice one...That seems to be in nicer shape than the first one...I have seen the two tones with really nice bottoms. I just want a solid color one is all...I am holding out for a nice bottom. I am really easy on my handbags. To own one that someone else wasn't...Well it would bug me most likely...:rolleyes:...I know...We're talking VINTAGE bag...I really like the larger style with the straps running the length of the sides...But that black one has caught my eye...