I need help to ID this bag Cameron Diaz carrying

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  1. As soon as I saw this pic I want this bag so bad. It is such an eye catching yellow color and I love love big bag~
    I would like to know the brand and price if possible`~~Thank you ladies~:heart:

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  2. I think it is from Marni. Looks like Marni balloon bag
  3. Yep Marni Balloon bag :yes:
  4. Thanks ladies..I'm going to hunt down this bag...
    one more question which department store do they sell this brand?
    Any neiman marcus location? or Barney's NY?
  5. I think some NMs carry Marni. I would also try calling a Marni store (I think there is one in NYC). Good luck!
  6. ohh i remember that pic! its a great bag!:wtf:
  7. and huge! But I like too.
  8. and expensive i bet! good luck tracking it down!
  9. They have a website and an online shop.... There is also a Marni store at SCP (South Coast Plaza)