I need help to get info on LV Cruise collection

  1. Hi, I knew it is late for this. But I wondered whether it worthes the money to buy LV cruise collection, that canvas tote with big LV stamp on the front of it. It comes yellow,blue and red. The largest size is about 1500.00. Anyone has it? How do you like it?

  2. I have the MM Globe shopper in blue. I actually like it. It's totally different from anything else that I have in my LV collection. I wanted to get the GM in Red, but the only color that's available now is yellow. So if you want it, call customer relations pretty quickly because there's limited quanities left.
  3. I have the globe shopper pm in blue. I got the last one in the country. I think its a great casual bag. Also, 90% of the ones on ebay are fakes. Be careful.
  4. Thanks everyone... I just ordered the last yellow GM size from 866-vuitton....I don't know why I don't want to buy it before .but now it grows on my like crazy and I have to have it...LOL
  5. There was quite a bit left of the Cruise collection in the Seattle store 2 weeks ago.....the SA kept pointing it out to me.