I need help to decide which new marc by marc jacobs bag to buy

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  1. I am deciding between two marc by marc jacobs bags that JUST came out. I have been wanting them for so long even before they came out and now they are HERe!!! i am so excited. You can see them on Zappos.com One is the saddle bag in DUNE color and the other is the JAZZ bag in DUNE color.. Which one should i buy ladies? I saw the Saddle bag on the runway and always wanted it but i really love the jazz its such a great size and i never was able to get the Turnlock Bowler so this is the same shape kinda.. I am so torn.. What do you think? I love the color Dune so vintage looking
  2. I personally like the Jazz bag better than the Saddle bag. The saddle bag seems to small in my opinion
  3. I saw both IRL and both are great bags. Like kayelle said, the saddle bag is smaller. I guess you have to decide if it is big enough and I don't personally like flaps, makes it harder to get into.
  4. Jazz! But I like it in black.

    It really depends on what kind of bag you're looking for, but I would personally go with the Jazz.
  5. I totally agree with you all
  6. Yeah, I vote for the jazz bag as well, especially since you wanted something in that bowler shape. I don't know about you but I couldn't imagine using a bag as small as that saddle bag (for daytime use anyway)!
  7. The Jazz bag, hands down!
  8. Hey~ you can check out the Zappos.com again, there are full leather version of these 2 bags. IMO, the full leather version is much nicer! ;) :heart:


  9. yes i decided i want the saddle bag in cream leather and i want the jazz one in the dune color not leather . I am getting both!! yayayay
  10. my friend gets discounts at Nordstroms so i will buy it there
  11. ^ Lucky girl!

    The full leather saddle bag looks much better IMO than the canvas ones! Good choice!

    I agree with nocturne... the full leather ones look much better!
  12. i want the yellow leather jazz one
  13. Do you know where else they're selling the bags besides on Zappos?
  14. what do you ladies think of the yellow one? doesnt it look so 1960s i love it. i just bought the dune color saddle bag on zappos because no marc by marc store carries it or will carry it.. so i got it.. i love it!!!! i will post pics when it gets here
  15. shopbop.com also carries them