i need help to decide between Gucci Vs LV !

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which one do u encourage me to buy?

  1. Lv galliera azur?

    10 vote(s)
  2. Gucci GG marmont ?

    61 vote(s)
  1. Gucci GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag and the Lv galliera ...

    This is my 3rd luxury bag and am not sure which one should i go to ...

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  2. There’s a known issue with earlier models of the Galliera where the oxidation from the rings would cause black spots on the vachetta. I believe the problem was corrected before the bag was discontinued.
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  3. #3 Aug 17, 2019
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    They are so different in function and style! I don't know how you compare a big casual hobo vs. a dressier (smallish) leather chain shoulder bag, except for you to judge what your wardrobe needs are and what you're gravitating toward.

    Pink works with your wardrobe? You can tolerate a chain strap?

    I'd go with Galliera if the model is the later one, with improved hardware protection.
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  4. You can't go wrong with either. You have a feeling towards one versus the other for your 4th luxury bag, so go with your gut... you will wind up getting both eventually. lol
  5. I voted for the marmont because I just bought one. SO I love it!! But as others have stated-- they are so different. It's hard to give guidance. Unless you feel you could use either, which usually means, both. hahaha.
    Also-- I am annoyed LV's parent company has not sent the money they committed to rebuild Notre Dame. So I am not buying any more LV's until they make good. The last LV I bought was pre-loved. So that's ok. they don't get any of the resell profits.
  6. Good one... Gucci made good on their promise, LV needs to do the same.
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  7. Depends on which style you prefer more / don't already have in your collection. I had the Galliera, I didn't like it - but I also don't like hobos. Sold it not long after I purchased it. I prefer flap bags - they can be dressed up or down. The LV is a big, casual bag that I don't find attractive, IMO
  8. I’m not a marmont fan but the galleria looks dated to me.
  9. I would go for GG Marmont. The LV one looks like bag from early 2000.
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  10. I voted for the Marmont as I feel a leather bag nearly always trumps a canvas one, plus it's such a pretty colour.

    Since you started this thread over a month ago I would be interested to hear which you decided on (if either)?
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  11. I like the GG Marmont matelasse, I just bought the mini size in black and I am in love.
  12. Like papertiger did, I voted for the Marmont.
    It is soooo much classier.
    In case you haven't made up your mind yet, may I give you a little trick that always helped me?
    Do a "heads or tails"... and as soon as it is done, you will know if you're satisfied with its result or not :biggrin:
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  13. Hello do you have a pic of the purse when it is closed. When mine is closed it stays closed however it is not all the way closed as there is small space between from the flap to the clasp. I'm not good of describing hope you understand what I mean
  14. I have that exact galliera, since 2012, its a pretty tote bag but if you buy it now, then def but the gucci marmont!
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  15. I voted for the marmont because I adore the marmont collection the leather is soft and holds up well!
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