I need help: the perfect bag for my next trip!!

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  1. My bf and I are going to Barcelona for our anniversary... and my boyfriend is a total genius who booked our flight.. since we're staying only 4days he tought that carry-on bags would have been enough.. so i'm allowed to carry only a 10kg hand luggage.. not even a purse!
    So I was wondering.. Do you girls think that an Eva might be the perfect bag for these 4days?
    I mean it wouldn't take a lot of space in my carry-on bag (and it's light) and i could use if for both, day and night.. but would it be roomy enough??
    I think I'd need it to fit my blackberry, maybe my camera (it's small tough) and a small wallet for cards and $$$...and a pack of kleenex (always have them!).
    I don't know.. I mean my boy keeps saying it is way too small.. But I don't have light bags.. they're all extremely heavier! Help me??
  2. are you going with one of the 'cheap' airlines like ryanair or easyjet - then I get it, luggage is so expensive with them...

    anyways, do you already have the eva or are you thinking about getting a new one? I don't have the eva but it seems small - having said that it would fit all occassions for sure. if you are getting a new bag for this trip, get a prada nylon -super light. if you already have the eva i would try to make it work, just see if you can fit all these in.
  3. I think it would work. Try it at home for a few day's with the items you will need and see what you think! Have a great time on your trip!!
  4. I think the eva would work perfectly! (:*
  5. Yes, exactly.. we're going with ryanair! I just feel like we should have taken at least one bag to board.. for the two of us.. sooo i could've used it:yahoo:

    I don't have it.. But I do have a pochette accessoires and it fits everything I need and it's even smaller.. So I guess it'd work..maybe?
  6. I think the Pochette would work. If you have a long strap for it, it would be even better, I think.
  7. wll, if u have a c pochette already, then that's enough really..
    coz the eva is just slightlyyyyyy bigger than pochette anyways..

    and hmmm perhaps, u might get a souvenir *cough* eva *cough* later over at barcelona?? hehehe..
    enjoy your trip !!!
  8. :nuts:

    That is hilarious. I like how you think.

  9. this is such a genius solution :nuts: and we'll have a new reveal thread :yahoo:
  10. well if you know already from your pochette, I'd say get the EVA if they have one available. you could check the barcelona store beforehand and then get it like other posters suggested and take the pochette in the meantime.
  11. That's GENIUSSSSSS:graucho::graucho::graucho:

    Unfortunately I don't have a long strap for my pochette ehehehehehe
  12. I forgot to ask how long the eva strap is?
    thank youuuu!!