Tech I Need HELP! Should I Keep Buying LVs or Get a New Laptop?

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  1. As some of you technology fanatics may know... Apple has just released a new MacBook Pro 17" laptop. I have been wanting a new 17" laptop ever since my Dell XPS Gen 2 died. Should I put all my planned LV/fashion purchases aside and save up for the laptop or keep buying LV/fashion related items? No matter what I do, I will look back at the other situation. I LOVE bags and Louis Vuitton... but I love technology too.

    Anyone have any advice?
  2. i was in the same situation and my macbook pro won. i love gadgets slightly less than handbags so it was a tough decision.
  3. See that's the thing... even before I got into fashion, I was a tech geek haha. Now I love both equally... I hate making decisions.
  4. Sorry, but I am baffled by your dilemma. I adore my handbags but to be honest, I'm not nearly as bad as many people here on TPF. However, I :heart: my MAC.

    Dont get me wrong, I'm no techie my any stretch of the imagination but I couldn't fathom struggling over which to buy if I needed a computer. Sadly, I look for excuses to get a new one even thought I dont need one :shrugs:
  5. I just bought the MacBook Pro myself a month or so ago, but the 15". I thought the added 2" for the 17" was too much extra money.

    I figure I really need the computer more than new bags at this point ...
  6. MichelleD: I know, I am silly huh? I should definitely get the computer. Bags and stuff will always be around later.

    lorihmatthews: How do you like the 15"? It's gorgeous... I love the new MacBook laptops, they are so attractive and powerful.

    I have decided to get the computer! :biggrin: Thank you for your input everyone!
  7. I love the 15". Like I said, it didn't seem worth it to me to spend an additional $800 to get 2" extra. I especially love the new trackpad action, although it was a little weird at first! The resolution is great too. The only thing that I find a bit annoying is that the screen is very shiny and can have a lot of glare.
  8. I don't know your situation financially. So if you are ok with finances and don't need either, whereas both are wants, I'd buy bags. What would give you longer satisfaction?

    If the situation depends on finances, of course bags should always been on the back burner. They aren't considered a need ever. A computer on the other hand makes more sense. Good luck.
  9. If you need a new computer, go for that MAC. No question! I've been a MAC user for years and recently bought the 15" MacBook Pro.

    O:huh::huh: ... I see you decided to get the computer. Good decision! :smile:
  10. It really depends on whether or not you NEED a new computer. If you have one now that works and does everything you need it to and is in good condition (i.e: not going to break down anytime soon), I don't see the rush to buy a new computer.

    BUT, I also don't see the rush to spend everything on bags and accessories, either... I guess maybe a good option for you is save up enough for the Mac in case you NEED to buy it, and spend whatever extras you have on goodies that aren't necessities.
  11. my life has been much easier with a laptop, but I'm not a mac person (I think they're too expensive and since I only use mine for school I went with HP).
  12. Do you have a computer already? You said you had one that broke and you really miss it. If you have a handbag but not a laptop and could really use one, say for school/work etc then I would go for the laptop, you'll get more use out of it I'm sure. You also said you keep buying LV, so do you have one you can use for now?

    I'm a computer scientist so trying to choose tech vs. fashion is difficult for me. I fell in love with a sony laptop only because it was covered in croc on top lol. In the end I go for the laptop since I know it's something that will get used a lot and I wont regret it later on.
  13. Macbook!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Tough decision. But I think you should go for the laptop just because you would get more use out of the laptop. Use the laptop to find your next bag purchase! haha
  15. If you need a new computer, it really shouldn't be a hard decision. I would get the laptop...