I need help! Should I exchange my Little Curtis?

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  1. Hello everyone! I bought a black Little Curtis online to be my everyday bag and it arrived yesterday. The soon I spotted it, I thought it was to small. I went to work decided I should return it. After some thinking I thought maybe I should exchange for a regular size Curtis.

    Now, today, I'm taking a better look at the Little C and it does look small, but it fits everything I usually carry and also my pilates outfit on pilates day. It doesn't look super stuffed, but sure enough it won't fit anything else, which shouldn't be too dramatic since it fits whatever I need to fit on it on a daily basis.

    Since I'm a fairly petite person, 5'2''/110 pounds, I wonder if I should exchange it for the regular Curtis or not. Do you think it would look too big on me? Also, what if I exchange it and prefer the little one better? So many doubts! Help!
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  3. I'm about the same height and weight and tried the regular Curtis and it was too big for me. I think if the little C holds what you need on a daily basis plus some then you should be fine. From the pics the little C looks great on you!
  4. I think it looks great on you! Your call though, if you need more room.
  5. thanks guys, i decided to keep it :smile: it looks great, it's super soft, it's light, fits enough and if i do have to carry a lot more, i shouldn't overweight a designer back anyway!
  6. May I ask where you bought your dress? I've been looking for a basic dress like that forever but haven't been able to find one. Love the little curtis on you! i have the same one :smile:
  7. i got it from zara from a past collection, but i'm pretty sure they still make this kind of dress! :smile:

    and i'm officially in love with the little curtis :loveeyes:
  8. looks good~~
  9. I have the bigger Curtis and it is quite big and very very heavy. It's good for uni and when I need to take bigger things to work but ever since I got my Mini Minka I hardly carry my Curtis at all.
  10. Question for Little Curtis owners: is the shorter top handle long enough to wear on the shoulder comfortably?
  11. It looks great on you~ I usually like bigger (slightly) bags but I'm also 5'2"
    It's depends on your need, do you need extra room? like Laura said, bigger bags may be heavier
    like my large Minka, it can get pretty heavy if I stuff it and the shoulder strap isn't the most comfortable

  12. Hi again! I own a little curtis and the top handle fits comfortably over my shoulder. I carry it like that all the time as I really don't like crossbody straps. And although it's called little, it's very roomy. I also love the outside zippered pocket. Hope that helps!
  13. Here are some pics of my Little Curtis in affogato.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402953642.192551.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402953654.565883.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1402953665.663634.jpg

  14. Thanks so much for answering my question and going the extra mile with the pictures! That bag looks great on you and I think you may have convinced me that I need a Little Curtis too!

    Have you had any issues with color transfer on the affogato color?

  15. You're welcome! Glad to be of help. I know how tricky it is shopping online. So far no color transfer and I have been using the bag daily. I contemplated on pretreating with some leather products but I was afraid it might do more harm. Good luck with your purchase and update us!