I need help shipping with UPS!

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  1. I don't normally ship my items via UPS, only with USPS.. so I am not too familiar with their services and shipping costs. However recently I sold a bag on ebay which offered a free shipping with a buy it now.. the buyer kindly asked if she could get it sent to her via UPS 2nd day air mail because the USPS always loses her packages and what not. I accepted and she even paid $10 for the shipping because according to Paypal's shipping label it should have been $30, while USPS charged $20.

    Anyways. I ran out of boxes to pack the bag in so I go into the UPS store telling them I needed to package and ship something out, and they told me they would package the bag FOR me.. and I thought wow, how nice!!! great service! NOT.

    I am located in NYC and this is going to Wyoming.. he tells me the total and it comes out to about $110. I gave him this face, :wtf: literally.. no exaggeration and asked him to repeat the total. I was so confused... I didn't even know what to say.. how did my estimate of $30 turn into $110!? He explained that the bag itself weighed 3 lbs (yes that is what I got on my scale at home) and that the packaging they do at UPS weighs about 4lbs (WHAT?!) so in total it comes out to 7lbs. WHAT A RIP OFF?!

    I don't get it. Am I overreacting or has this been a known fact with UPS.. and I am just late in all this. Any suggestions on how to ship via UPS with the least amount of costs and be protected by Paypal? I have no idea what the requirements are for UPS. THANKS SO MUCH!!! :smile:
  2. he is ripping you off
    there is no such thing as 3bls of Sh!t extra and you r paying for that

  3. why dont you print out using paypal?
    ive not use it before,only usps but saw it was 1 of the option
  4. I can't even believe that he thought you'd consider paying $110 for shipping a bag. That's ridiculous. I hope you didn't send it!!

    Agree, you can always use the UPS shipping label via paypal. It's really easy!
  5. Do you guys know if the requirements for UPS are the same as USPS
    (signature confirmation, insurance, etc)?

    I feel better.. I was hoping I was not overreacting! Because it was ridiculous!!
  6. about $30 to ship 3#, and the extra 4# cost $80?
    just try creating one on ups.com and see?
    sorry i cant help
  7. He is definitely ripping you off!!! I always box my wares before shipping with UPS never had a problem with the branch I patronize, but I've heard stories about other branches where they offer to pack for you and put it into a larger dimension box.
  8. The requirements are the same no matter what shipping service you use.

    I've had problems at the UPS store here too. They always find extra things to add on. I would do what the other girls suggest and use paypal. Or, call UPS and have them pick up where you are. I've been told that is cheaper than using the UPS store.
  9. I once sent a cell phone charger for my DH ,since he forgot to pack 2 days services cost almost 80 bucks. Their rate is very pricey also the bigger the box they use the more u have to pay, they measure the size and everything else.
  10. Was it an actual UPS store with UPS service only or was it one of those mail and more places? When I lived in NYC the markup at those mail and more places was completely insane because they charge their own fees on top of what UPS charges. Pack it yourself and then take it to a UPS only place and it should be closer to what you thought. $30 seems a little low for 2nd day air but try getting the estimate of ups.com.
  11. Usually UPS is much more expensive than USPS. Last time I used UPS, it was $110 while USPS would be $40.