I need help regarding Dior Gaucho bag

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  1. Hi! I have been reading everyone's posts for awhile but this is my first post. I just have a quick question. I am looking to buy the Dior Gaucho in the medium white. I found it on ebay for a cheap price but I am a little leery because I don't know if it is real or not. I am going to post the pictures on here and also list the link. If you guys could just quickly look and tell me what you think, it would be greatly appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. Well, I'm no expert on the Gaucho, but I just had a look at the seller's feedback, and they've sold two incredibly fake Spies and a fake MJ Stam. I'd stay the H..E..double knives away from this one.
  3. i have one in olive green/brown and it seems a bit different, especially in the seams and the brownish frame
  4. Thank you so much! I saw those spys in the feedback also but I do not know how to spot a fake one of those. So glad I asked before I bought!
  5. They are available at licensed retailers...can you buy one there instead? So much safer!
  6. I know where they are available but I simply do not have 1300 to spend on a bag right now. I'm a college student. I have about 550 to spend and I am afraid that if I simply save up and but it then, the bags will be gone.
  7. The seller does not accept pay pal..............so I don't know if that is the bag you will be getting...
  8. It is quite likely that any bag listed for more than $100 or 200 below retail is a fake or superfake. A seller that purchased the bag, used it once or twice, received it as a gift, or is unable to return due to the fact s/he is passed the return window may sell the bag for slightly under retail in order to recoup funds, but I think it is highly unlikely that you will find an authentic bag on ebay for 50% off.
  9. ^EXACTLY.
    You will not find an authentic Gaucho in your price range, it's just not going to happen. They're still waitlisted in some places.