I need help puh-leeze!!!

  1. so, yeah, as much as i love my mini skinny, am thinking of selling it :crybaby:
    coz really, i realized that wristlets are my life! esp that i have a bulky cel (which i don't want to put inside my pockets) wristlets are more practical for me... any opinions? help? whatcha think ladies??? :s should i sell it or not? so the money will go to a new wristie....
  2. Isn't it a cute signature skinny? I would reconsider. Plus if its used, you may not get that much for it.
  3. oh i exchanged it for a patent choco skinny. =)
  4. Oooh, slightly off topic, but I really like the patent stuff!
    If you are not going to use the skinny then maybe you should sell. I think the patent items are doing well on eBay.
  5. no point in keeping something that isn't practical for your life, you know? i'm just the opposite- i'm selling my wristlets to get a mini skinny!
  6. haha! we're completely opposites =) but, hmm, i'm still undecided somehow, like it's so hard to part from her... huhu! =( i know what u wanna get kal, the punch ms! =)
  7. Not the beautiful pond wristlet?
  8. Angelthelson:

    I don't use mini skinnies as they are just not practical for me.
    The wristlets fit more in them and are perfect for me. If you are not
    going to use it I would sell it. :yes:
  9. I was thinking of getting a mini & a wristlet to use together but I got the wristlet 1st & now I really can't justify getting a mini. I put my phone, some cash & my id & cc in the wristlet. I was thinking of getting a mini to put my other cards in, club cards, gift cards, etc, but now I am thinking maybe I will just get a different wristlet & put those in their along with my reciepts. I feel like they are more practical. Plus I can always still change it up & just use it instead of a bag for quick trips out.
  10. I would sell it. I NEVER use my mini skinny and end up using wristlets!! My mini skinny is hard to close when there is too much money etc. I adrore wristlets I use them as wallets!!! I put all my credit cards, money and cell in there! My poor mini skinny sits in its dust bag :sad: ....... SELL IT..... (Oh maybe I am talking to myself:shame:
  11. If you won't use it and don't want it to sit around, exchange it or sell it and get something you would use.
  12. I put the skinny in the wristlet (its a great way of justifying a purchase).
  13. I do the same as batgirl - for change, my ID and debit card. Been using my wristlet as my wallet. So far working out pretty good.