Food I need help preparing a quick and healthy lunch!


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Sep 10, 2007
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Hello ladies! It's my first time posting here in The Kitchen and I really need your help!;)

I always bring my own lunch to work - for me it's much more convenient and I get to save money too! Until recently, I stopped eating pork and beef and mainly live on seafood, chicken and veggies. Our household help is getting less and LESS creative with my lunches - sometime I end up eating cup noodles for lunch! On my lucky days I get a can of sardines. Whoopee.

Anyway, I've decided I've had enough. No matter how many times I talk to our help or explain, it just won't get through to her. I'm not expecting iron chef meals but at least decent ones, KWIM? Now I've decided I'd make my own meals instead of relying on her.

I think my best bet are sandwiches for lunch then I'll just have a hearty dinner. I normally have rice for lunch and dinner but I don't think I can prepare rice lunches for myself before I go to work. Can anyone recommend and quick and fast sandwich I can make in the morning before I leave for work? TIA!;)


Nov 26, 2006
one of the guys that i work w/ makes a few chicken breasts at the beginning of the week and then takes one to work for lunch each day. he adds different things ... those uncle ben's microwave rice pouches, green giant microwave vegetables ... and then heats up the chicken and one of those. always smells good and it's super easy. i keep telling myself to do it, but i'm lazy. however i'm doing a good thing today having a tuna sandwich and some cucumbers from my garden. :biggrin:


Sep 14, 2007
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how bout wraps? you can throw whatever you want into them. shrimp and spinach with some cheese or pesto chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella? i also love pitas. my fav is filled with roasted garlic hummus, cucumbers, roasted red peppers, and some chicken.


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Oct 25, 2008
What about a salad? you can get those plastic containers where you store the dressing in the lid and then dump it in when you want to eat.