1. Hi Ladies,
    I don't know what to do. All start from the begining, I purchased the pink nova check tote from Burberrys sale page. When I got it I realized that I didn't like it and it wasn't the bag for me. So I went this Sunday to the Burberry store to return it and exchanged it for the haymarket tote Burberry. I took it out today to use it and as I was looking at it I noticed that the stitching on the side is literally coming undone. Also there is holes where the stitches ripped on some parts. :cursing: I was so angry because I had to go 30 min out of my way to go to the store to get it. My dilema is for one I cut the tags off today so im afraid they wont let me exchange it. Number two since I already exchanged a bag will they even let me get a new one? Will they black list me from there store?:crybaby: What should I do? Have any of you had to return a bag for a new one because something was wrong with it? Should I just live with it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Burberry doesn't blacklist as far as I know. . . I wouldn't stress about this.

    Your receipt will prove to them this is a new bag, tags cut or not, just take it back.
    Absolutely take it back.

  3. :yes: :yes:
  4. TAKE IT BACk. I would ***** at them for there ****ty quality bags LOL.
  5. ^or you could maybe skip the *****ing part since I'm pretty sure your SA isn't the one who actually made the bag! LOL!
  6. any more opinions? should I call first and have them put another one on hold because I can't get in until Friday?
    Thanks Swanky for the advice =o)
  7. Just take the bag in. Don't worry about it, you shouldn't have a problem. As long as you're within your return policy it doesn't matter about the tag.
  8. just take the bag in and BE POLITE. say that this must obviously be an oversight in the quality of burberry pieces- and could an exchange be done?
    i've never had this problem with burberry, but had a similar situation with coach. just don't worry. and, no, you shouldn't have to live with a bag that has an obvious defect- especially for the amount you spent!
  9. Just take it back and be nice about it. the stitching on my jacket came off and I brought it back to the store, didn't even have my receipt since I just wanted to see what they can do about it, and they just gave me a new one right there. There customer service is pretty good.