I need help...please :(

  1. Hello all TPF members! ;)
    for the past weeks i've been on here almost everyday! im new ...so far im lovin it! I must say...everyone on here is lookin good with their bBag(S) :tup: :woohoo:

    So i've been wanting one for a long time now. I can't take it anymore!! I MUST HAVE ONE SOON. :wtf: i know....im starting to go crazy...is it normal???:sad: I spend more time reading about this bag on here more than spending time with my own bf!

    So here is the problem. I can't decide which one to buy. First or city? Im in college and i want to carry this purse as my bag. NOT for books but just for notebooks and snacks (to eat in boring classes). I have all the measurements for both bags but worrying that the small might not be big enough and if it fits, it wont make the beautiful drape that the bbags are famous for. Im 5'4 and 93lbs. I want a big bag but not too big where im swimming in it. Im afraid that the city is too big for me (im like a stick, flat like a wall). i tried going to the thread where everyone posted their pix w/ the bag and telling how tall they are. Instead of helping me, they confused me more! CUZ EVERYONE LOOKED SO GOOOOOOD IN THEIRS! :woohoo::wlae::yahoo:

    I like the black one but i have a lot of black bags. should i go for the dark brown? which color is the darkest brown? I would go to the store to look at them and try them on except the closest place that has the Bbags is a state away! I have to order mine. and i've never seen one in real life. thats why im scarrrred to be disappointed. Thats the worse feeling. LAdies do u agree? wanting a bag, waiting for it to come home, then finding out its not what u wanted!!!!

    Thanks for reading my long post. Like i said, im new. hopefully i posted this in the rite place! sorry if i didn't.
  2. I love the Sienna color.
    It's a reddish brown and just delicious.

    I'm 5'3 and was worried about the size of the First.
    You'd be SO surprised at everything you can fit in there.

    Can you get to a store (Neiman's or Barney's or Balenciaga) to try some on for yourself and see what works best for you?

    RDC has a gorgeous Sienna first listed on their site that I'm in love with.

    But I'm holding out for the Black City as my next bag.

    Good luck and enjoy the obsession.
  3. I think you'd be fine with the City. Just look at the Olsen's and Nicole Richie, they are very little and the City looks great on them! :yes:

    I have both the First and City bags and I use my Cities ALOT more. I love my First, but like you I like the slouchiness of bbags, and my First doesn't really "slouch"... First's aren't very slouchy bags, IMO. And funny b/c I was JUST thinking about how cute a brown City would be :p The darkest brown I know of is o7 Cafe, but I would rec. o7 Truffe b/c it has a bit more character/distressing from what I've seen. Cafe can come off as looking like black b/c it's so dark.

    If you order a bbag I'd rec. getting it from BalNY b/c there's no s/h or tax if you're outside NY/NJ... and they have Kim (an amazing SA!) who can pick out bags with INSANE leather (some bbags have crap leather believe it or not).
  4. I say you can never go wrong with a black bag, especially if it's a black city! :tup:
  5. Definately get a city. You can't get much at all in the first. As far as color, spend some time on the color reference section and see what you like.
  6. Get a city, you will be able to fit snacks and notes in there, where a first fits mostly teh essentials.
  7. For what you need to carry, I'd definitely recommend the city :yes:. You really don't have to worry about the city being overwhelming on you, it's not a very large bag, more of a medium-sized bag. I'm the same height and weight as you and I don't think the city looks too big on me at all.
  8. I'd go for the city. My 1st bag was a 1st and 3 weeks later I sold it for a City. (both in black) AS far as color. The sky is the limit! Is your wardrobe very colorful? Then maybe go w/ a neutral bag like black or brown? If your wardrobe is more neutral then maybe do a fun color for your 1st Balenciaga bag. It is a hard decision and be forewarned this will only be your 1st Balenciaga. More will come!
  9. i am 5'1 and am also thinking about getting a city haha i already have a black first just for an everyday bag i love it i tried on a city just for when i want to carry more it looked fine
  10. I also vote for the City. It is a medium size as mentioned, but not too large for your size. The First is pretty small and only holds the basics. As for color, there are many to choose from and you should get what makes your heart skip a beat!! It will only be the first of many I'm sure!! They are so habit-forming!! :woohoo:
  11. Another vote for the City!! I don't think it would look too big for your height, some ladies here are even shorter than you and carry a Work and can still :rochard:it!!! Plus if you're gonna put snacks in there like you said, then it would hold more than a First :lol: And about the slouchiness, yes, you definitely can get a lot more slouch from a City than a First :yes: If you find the Cafe too dark, you can try Mogano/Cinnamon, the best course would be to go to your local department store and check what they have, if not, you can always order online, check the Reference Library link for reputable stores that carry Bbags, Good Luck! And don't forget to post photos whenyou receive it!:tup:
  12. Another vote for the City as well - it's not as big as it looks in some pics - mine is pretty full right now and I have a makeup bag, biz card case, large wallet, some tissue, cell, blackberry, my sunglasses and a couple of misc papers - it still slouches nicely, but I wouldn't want to stuff too much more in it. Also, notebooks will fit much better in the City. I also second Kim at Bal NY - she's great! Colors - I love the Sienna and also the Cinnamon (Mogano) color - also another option that you might want to consider if you want to consider a lighter bag is Sahara -it is a gorgeous neutral color.
  13. Another vote for the City. It is roomy, I can fit wallet & multiple pouch that I lug everyday in it. For browns, I love Mogano, a dark brown with red undertones but do browse this thread & maybe you would find a brown or 2 or 3 that you love. Cafe is a gorgeous dark brown too & I was told that some has distressing that makes it looks like a vintage or old NEW brown. Shopping for the first bag is fun & a long process(mine was). Do read & view as many threads here as you can.
  14. I was going to say exactly what verty said; just look at Nicole Richie! The city would look great on you! As for colors, I say do something bright; afterall, thats what these bags are known for! You said it yourself--you have black bags already. I'm not saying ANYTHING is wrong with any of the black Balenciaga's, but for your first bag I think you should do something fun! Good luck, and post pics of what you choose!

    Ps. Don't worry--I'm just starting out too and I'm on this forum pretty much 24/7 :tup:
  15. OMG....everyone on here is so nice!!!:angel:

    THANKS ALL!!!!!! I will order my bag soon and post the pix up! ok...im going for the city for sure! After that i will take Shamrock0421's advice and save up for the First.:smile::yahoo: It seems like most Bbag owners will end up buying more Bbags. Most likely i will get a dark brown. Then when i have enough money (that will be in about 2 years!!!) i will buy a black First. Thanks again! u all are so sweet.

    oh btw the closest store with bBags is about 4 hrs away. so sad. wish i was living in cali or NY. ANd yes nicole richie is rockin in her bag