I need help please !

  1. My husband wants to buy me an Louis vuitton bag for valentine's day , because it is also our engagement anniversary, we went to the store and purchased a berkeley damier azur but now I am not so sure of, because it is quite big, do you gals think I should return and get another smaller one or should I keep this one, please let me know why I should keep it or not !

    I am so confused !

    What would be the it bag to have for Louis Vuitton !:shrugs:
  2. hi u may get more response from the LV crowd if the thread is posted in LV forum :smile:.

    congrats berkeley damier azur is gorgeous! size wise i think it depends on how much u will carry when using the bag and usually what size of bag do u use. there are many different viewpoint on small/big bags so it's really a personal choice.

    The LV bag that many tpfer at the LV forum is crazing over now from the permanent collection seems to be monogram Tivoli and damier ebony Trevi. Heard that some stores has to do a waitlist for the bags. There are also new bags releasing so do take a look at the spring/summer 2008 thread too :biggrin: