I need help, please!!

  1. Hi Girls, have any of you purchased from this seller Cristinascloset before? I am waiting for a bag from her but now is going to be more than 15 days,:crybaby: and the shipping method used was priority, this is what she says, i am worried! i need some feedback from someone who maybe bought from this seller before i start a claim, thanks a lot !
  2. Hi there, I havent bought from the seller but please email and ask for a tracking number and check online to see location of your package. I have checked the feedback and if you look at the last three transactions feedback is appearing just over two weeks after auction end. While this is not ideal for you, it may indicate a delay in despatch on recent transactions. The sellers rating on despatch time is 4.4 out of 5. If all else fails you could get seller contact info from eBay and just call the seller. Let us know how you get on....
  3. thanks for your help. I hope someone who bought from her in the past can help or give me some reference,thanks!

  4. Hello Lovelv,

    I have never purchased from the corresponding seller and do not know of her personally, but I sell upon eBay rather freqently and use USPS Priority to use most of the time. It can take quite a bit of time to receive an item. I always ship within 24-48 hours of receiving payment and one time it took a buyer 46 days to get her bag! It was shipped internationally (are you located domestic or internationally?), but please be patient. I am so terribly sorry to tell you this, but especially around the holidays, it seems like things take forever! I hope this gives you a little bit of comfort. If the seller has great feedback, give it a little bit more time. As previously suggested, you may want to simply email the seller and request a tracking number and ask her the date your item was shipped. I hope this helps. I hope when your item finally arrives you love it (and it was worth the wait)! Happy Holidays. :love:
  5. Thanks a lot for your nice words:flowers: beautifulbasics you are right, i am going to wait a bit more to see what happens!!

  6. I agree with beautifulbasics....remember the po doesn't guarentee 2 days with priority.