i need help please.

  1. hi! i'm usually in the LV forums but lately i have been thinking a LOT about chanel purses. problem is, i have next to no knowledge about chanel purses. all i know is that i would like a small black leather quilted purse with a gold chain. can anybody tell me what this style would be called and how much it would run? thanks a lot! it's greatly appreciated.
  2. you can get the classic caviar or lamskin flap bag. it comes in different sizes. mini, east-west, medium, large i think. :yes:

    the mini is really tiny and it cost approx £600 so that is around $1100?

    the medium and large have gone up in price so i think the current price is approx $1900-$2000++

  3. have a look in our Reference Library under the Classic Flaps or the classic pieces threads.