I need help ,please.

  1. I'm an Asian girl and never have skin and hair problems when I was in my own country but now I have been studying in London. I began to have lots of problem with my skin and hair.

    My skin is prone, dry but still oily. My hair fall out a lot ( You guys will never believe that loads of my hair on the carpet everywhere in my flat). Everytime I combed my hair, it has too many hairs in the brush.

    I have been on holiday and back in my country for 2 months and situation seemed to be better. Hair started less falling.

    Worst....my aunt told me that my hair volume becomes thinner

    I have been using skin, hair and nails vitamins but nothing help.

    My skin is getting better after using Sisley products.

    Any recommendation? I'm afraid that I will have no hair left soon :push: .
  2. Have you tried visting a facialist and hairstylist? I bet they can help you out since they are familiar with the weather there
  3. Do you think it could be from stress? Maybe you felt better when you went home.
  4. Could it be your diet? You might not be eating as balanced of a diet as you were at home? Maybe it is a combination of stress (like *suzi* said) and diet.
  5. If you're losing that much hair it must be about stress, but you don't want to add to that, so don't brush hair when it's wet (maybe you don't, but I made this mistake once). Use products that are made for stressed hair that snaps easily. Pantene has a line like that, doesn't it?
  6. First of all, go get a checkup, and make sure that there is no medical reason for your hair falling out.

    Once you've ruled that out, as others have suggested, go see a dermatologist and a stylist, and get their opinions.

    I also agree with the diet suggestion. East and west have VERY different diets, and any time you go to any new place, the water is different, the germs people breathe on you are different, and all those things can have their impact.

    As much as you can, try to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, preferably cooked, at least for now, because raw ones invariably have those different micro-organisms that you may not be used to yet.

    And look for restaurants that serve the food of your home country. But before placing an order, talk to them, and ask them about things like what oils they use, because sometimes a change in that can impact your health. And if your home cuisine includes raw fruits or veggies, try to choose dishes that don't have that, at least for now, but ask the restaurant what methods they use to wash those things, to get rid of the pesticides and other chemicals that may be on western food that are not usually sprayed on eastern food.

    And figure out how much of your day is spent doing something that makes you feel good. Too many of us just don't really have enough of that, and it is just as unhealthy as any other unhealthy habit you can name!

    So make it a point to set aside part of every day that will be just a treat for you, whether it's a walk in the park, visiting a friend, a bubble bath, reading a good book, turning the TV up loud and dancing in front of it - only you know what will make you feel good!
  7. Great great advice and info :yes: