i need help, please! which large bag and wallet?


which ones do you like best? please choose one bag and one wallet

  1. palermo gm

  2. neverfull gm

  3. other good sized tote/carryall bag

  4. mono french purse 8cc

  5. mono zippy coin purse

  6. pomme pochette wallet

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  1. i just am having a tough time making decisions. what do you like best, tpf friends? thanks again!!!
  2. I love multicolore. So anything from that range is good for me..
  3. What about the Tivoli GM and the Pomme Pochette Wallet?
  4. I'm going to go for the Tivoli GM and the pomme pochette - gorgeous!

    The poll only lets you pick one, so I couldn't put them in there.

  5. oh@ :shame::shame::shame: sorry about that! do you think that the tivoli gm is large enough to carry 'stuff'. i do love that purse, i just didn't know how big it really was. also, can it be carried on one's shoulder? thanks so much!!!
  6. how about Tivoli GM and Pomme wallet!
  7. I love the Madeleine Tote. She is the perfect size for everything that goes in my purse plus a few files or a notebook. She can be worn casual or dressy and is at a good price point...oh yeah and I think epi leather is so classy
  8. Tivoli GM and Pomme pochette!
  9. Another vote for Tivoli. Although I must say that I love the Palermo too!
    (Not a big fan of the Neverfull)

    P.S: I noticed that you're from Boston. I'm shopping at the LV in Copley tomorrow so I might see you there :nuts:
  10. Oh, and the pomme pochettet would be *lovely* :smile:
  11. I vote for 'other' - I vote for BH and Pomme Pochette Wallet.
  12. I like the tivoli GM and pomme pochette.
  13. cabas mezzo
  14. the palermo is growing on me... i think i like it! and the POMME WALLET!!!!!!!
  15. I like the Neverfull GM and the Pomme Pochette !:yes: