I NEED HELP please, seller wants me to ship to......ro

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  1. another address different from the confirmed address on Pay Pal. Here is what she said:


    I will not be in my Manhattan apartment this week. Please ship the bag, insured, to my other confirmed address:

    then she gave me an address in the Bronx.

    What should I do?:confused1:

  2. DON'T DO IT! You will have no protection if you ship to an address other than the confirmed address on her paypal account that she is using to pay you.

    If she says she has another confirmed address with paypal, insist that she pay you thru that account.
  3. If both addresses are confirmed, agreed, have her pay from her other account. Either that or tell her you will wait until she's back at her Manhattan apartment and you will ship it then. Either way, make sure that you send it with some sort of signature confirmation.
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