I need help, please come in! :)

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm thinking of getting a new bag (max usd 2500) and Celine came to my mind. To be honest, I didn't quite like Celine at first. But somehow Celine got my attention gradually :cool: So, i'm new to Celine and I've got some questions :smile:

    1. If Celine would be my choice, which one should i get? Micro/Mini Luggage or small Trapeze w straps?
    2. Do you think Celine luggage/trapeze will stay timeless classic or they're just 'it' bag at the moment?
    3. Mini Luggage questions: Will the bag get slouchy over time? I'm 164cm, is mini luggage the size for me? (i guess many of you would suggest micro but i find it difficult to get micro size =/ )
    4. Trapeze questions: for the new Trapeze ver., anyone still encounter the flap being curved up when a lot of things is carried or the prob has been solved? Again, i'm afraid of bag loosing structure :nogood:..

    I'd love to get a bag that is practical for everyday usage, chic yet classic.. Hope u guys can help and thanks a lotttt :heart:
  2. Hi tinycat! :smile: First: Céline is def the right choice! ;) I have a phantom, a mini luggage and a trapeze and I would ever go for a trapeze again! For me it's the perfect bag! It has a zipper to close the bag (ok, the luggage has a zipper too) and a shoulder strap! The perfect size, and she looks so classy and stylish at the same time! And the trapeze isn't as heavy as my luggage, or I havn't noticed because of the shoulder strap!;) Last: my flap isn't curved up while the bag is stuffed. and my luggage isn't slouchy at all! :smile:
  3. Hihi tiny cat. I am 1.65m tall and I have 4 luggages all in mini size!
    Smooth leather will not become soft over time and can maintain its shape better by grained leather.
    I think mini luggage is quite a trendy bag, u can wear in with casual look and formal dressing. Hope you enjoy you coming new bag.
  4. I have both bags, I would definitely choose the Trapeze over the Luggage if I had to though. Both of them LOOK beautiful, but the Trapeze is much more convenient. No comparison IMO! :smile:
  5. i have both also ,

    Luggage is great looking bag, but the Trapeze is much more in use,
    ( i wish to get another in tricolor, for now i have the black one...)
  6. I have both too & wouldn't want to choose because I love them both although the Trapeze can be a bit tricky to get in & out of but its lighter than a mini & has the added bonus of a shoulder strap. GLD
  7. For trapeze, im afraid that the bag will sag over time, loosing its structure and there comes the flap being curved up prob.. and the clasp would pulls up the bag, hope u guys could understand what i mean since im not so good in english.. Any long time trapeze users?
  8. I just got my trapeze so of course it's still holding the shape perfectly. I've seen pictures on the web of girls carrying the same trapeze for months without any sagging...
  9. how do you like it so far? i'm still indecisive between trapeze n luggage :search: i understand that the new ver. of trapeze is improved but what i concern is the shape of the bag after years of usage. I need a structured bag for my life :sad:
  10. I was in the same boat as yours a few weeks ago. However, I came to my decision and planned to go with Micro luggage. I'm 5'3" btw. I found out luggage style fits my casual lifestyle more compared to Trapeze.
    If you want to get a Micro size, Celine, FL has plenty of them in drummed leather. or you can put your name on a waiting list at Barney's. My SA confirmed me that they will get pre-spring soon (by end of Nov)
    Trapeze is a bit weird with wings stick out. I found it difficult to access my stuff. You have either put it down first before open the flap or use the strap and free both hands in order to get thru your stuff...just my 2 cents though.
  11. Thanks for your opinion! I'm based in Singapore and everything is so overpriced here.. do you find it inconvenient for the luggage as it does not come with a strap? Well, i prefer a bag that is convenient for everyday use so most of my bags have strap :biggrin:. So im thinking whether should i make a little change by getting the luggage.. But im afraid that i wouldnt reach for it often and the luggage would stay right there at a corner with the dust bag :sad:
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    I think if you are a 'shoulder strap with a flap' purse type of gal then you would do great with a trapeze. I researched and lurked around the Celine forum a long time (LOL!), first falling in love with a mini luggage, then the phantom, then the trapeze, then back to the mini and finally settling on a phantom - and I LOVE it! :love: Because it's an expensive purchase I really had to narrow down to the ONE I knew I would actually use and love, not just stare at it sitting in the closet! By the way I knew I needed easy access for my things, so I had a feeling that trapeze would not last for me as I like being able to just reach into my purses without a flap or having to put the purse down first, etc. The mini I had heard was heavy on most, and the more I looked at small phantoms I knew I just loved the cute face and the size, and the fact that it wasn't as main stream as the mini (yet!). Open top bags with just the right strap drop that I can opt to wear over my shoulder or hand carry like a tote, as well as in the crook of my arm works best for me. So the question is: what is your preference in your purses? BTW if you have skinny arms the mini can be worn over the shoulder, too, I heard. :smile::smile:
  13. I like something that is practical and convenient for everyday use. Most important, sth can hold its structure and the design would last long. I have to consider very carefully whenever i purchase expensive purses because i dont want to spend such an amount of money to buy sth that i may really like it now but later on i may end up not using since it's out of trend n i lose interest in it xD
  14. I think the luggage and trapeze bags are both quite timeless. Perhaps the luggage more so. I have the mini luggage and can put in over my shoulder, although its not super comfortable. It depends what you want to use the bag for because the mini luggage is a pretty big bag.

    If you want a timeless bag that will retain its shape, have you thought about the classic box bag? Or would this be too small? I think they are are good investment (on the wish list)!
  15. I'm loving it!!! Yesterday I stuffed my trapeze with so many things, it was really heavy but the shape didn't change a bit!