I need HELP! please! Can anyone that is 5'4 please post a pic of you and your first?

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  1. it would be even better if you were a size 8 or 10. :yes:

    I'm making a tough decision and since I have absolutely no access to Bal bags I need help from you. I tried to check the wearing your b-bag post but no one is my size:sad:

    thanks a bunch!:flowers:

  2. well, this would be me :P

    I would have to wait til tomorrow to take a pic for you tho ...
  3. thank you so much!
  4. :shrugs:
    I am thinking you want photos because of your umm short stature? If so, her is a link to pf-ers Beverly's web page. Lots of pictures of her with her bags, and she is a little thing. She has been merging to Firsts but I still think she looks good with her City's. But then again she looks good with everything!!!

    Picasa Web Albums - BEVERLY! - Balenciaga

  5. lol! not really because I'm short , I'm not the smallest thing and I don't want to look silly with a too small bag.

    I will take a look at Beverly's pics. thanks!
  6. I'm 5'4 and here is my beloved '05 black first:yes:

    Attached Files:

  7. thank you! It looks great on you
  8. Thanks, Jem.:shame: I'm sure that it would great on you, too! Let us know what you decide to get!:yes:
  9. Yes, as Deana said... I am a shortie 5'4" (but am gradually learning to come to terms with my height)

    I'm also a sz 8 and I find the First suits -- it doesn't hold as much of my stuff as I'd like, but it looks nicer on, IMHO!

  10. thanks Beverly!
    I love how you can fit it on your shoulder
  11. Hi Beverly, I have a question on your rouge vif City....which season and year was that? I just bought one that is s/s 2007 but have not seen the new red....

  12. well, Ii am sure glad others have posted pics for you because I can't figure out how to post them the right size :cursing:
  13. OMG Beverly, I love all your bags! Esp the sky blue ones =). I'm in the process of saving up for one haha but it'll take me a while =P. I'm debating between a first or a city and I"m 5'3. I think I'd go for the first...I think the city is too big for me considering I never carry too much stuff around anyways.
  14. I love your bags too Beverly! I absolutely love your magenta shoulder bag.
  15. OMG Beverly, you cannot be a size 8! You look like a size 2! You look so darn cute!:cutesy: