I need help please!! Abandoned kittens..

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  1. I came across a pair of abandoned kittens yesterday. I think one of the workers here in the office scared the mom away and left the kittens. We really can't afford to keep or maintain animals here in the office due to food regulations. I told them to place the kittens in an open box near the perimeter and to wait for the mother to come back for them. Meanwhile, I called the shelter and asked what I should do. (Believe it or not, there's only one animal shelter here!!)

    Here's what they said: "If the mother doesn't come back for them, you can bring them over and we'll have them euthanized."


    I've thought about keeping them (again!) but my dad finally put his foot down and said no more stray cats. Plus, we have 5 dogs at home. It's been a day already and they haven't touched their milk and look really weak or sad (I really don't know). I've tried touching them to feed them but they get really afraid and nasty. I can't even peak without causing alarm! Fangs out, hissing - the works!

    What should I do? The mother still hasn't come back for them and I was informed that after 1 or 2 days, it would have probably forgotten about them already. If I bring them to the shelter, they'll be euthanized! I already told the shelter that I'd be willing to supply the materials and food that the kittens would be needing until they grow but they said they just can't accommodate anymore cats. Is it more humane to bring them to the shelter or should I give them a chance in the streets? I really don't know what I should do...please help!
  2. What if you try to find homes for them? Maybe family and friends?
  3. ^ I've asked around already and the problem is there are street cats - not the purebred ones and they are a dime a dozen here in the Philippines. Sadly, no one really cares for street cats..
  4. I hope you will at least give it a try even if the odds are small. Good luck!!:sad:
  5. Tbh, having them euthanized is probably the best solution. Castration/neutering is very expensive, and living in a shelter is not a very nice future.
  6. I wish I had some good advice for you. Did mama cat ever come back?

    We ended up bottle-raising a kitten several years ago when his mother disappeared and left him in my MIL's backyard. (We still have him, 10 years later, and he's the sweetest cat ever.) Cats will "forget" sometimes, weird as it sounds. If they won't let you touch them and are too old for a bottle, the best you could do is try putting some food out for them and hope nobody catches you. Is there a spot you can move the box and kind of "hide" them and feed them in secret?

    If you can't find homes for them or feed them, and if they aren't very friendly, sadly the shelter is probably the best choice. It is tough, but euthanasia would be a better fate than being frightened and slowly starving to death outside.
  7. As much as I hate to think this way, this also is what I would suggest.
  8. How old do you think they are? You should call some local veterinarian offices and see if they can help out. When I worked at a vet office, we'd get some abandoned kittens from time to time and usually someone or all of us in the office would help raise the little guys. I've also seen feral kittens come in that hadn't had human contact before but after a few days/weeks they turned into lil' lovebugs. Usually someone in the office ended up taking one of the kittens home to keep, or we adopted them out to clients or a nearby rescue took them in. Good luck!
  9. mischka, try doing an internet search to see whether there are any feral cat groups in your area ~ they may have some advice for you or know of some resources.
  10. I agree with the poster that said take them to a vet's office and see what they can do.
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    I can't make out how old these kittens are from your post. Mischka, how old do you think they are? If they are hissing & all, they must be old enough to (almost) defend themselves. Have they found their feet yet?

    I find it quite strange that mom cat would leave her kittens. Mom cats are very protective of their kittens. I've been fostering a mom & two kittens for a while now & know she will never leave their site, even if she thinks she's in danger. I'm sure she couldn't have gone far.

    I am strickly against euthanizing, whatever the circumstances (unless in pain) - it's just cruel. So well done, Mischka! I know things are quite different in America, but in London, our local animal shelter (The Celia Hammond Animal Trust) think it's wrong & they never put a healthy cat down - They simply wont & that's the way it should be.

    If you think they might be around 5-6 weeks old (this is when they have found their own feet) you can start feeding them soft food (Iams Kitten food) & Cat milk.

    Young kittens must be kept warm, especially at this time of year whilst it's still bitter, cold & raining/snowing.
  12. Any news, Mischka?