I need help picking out my first LV!

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  1. Hey,

    I am new to LV... and I need help choosing what will soon be my first LV bag! I am in between a Mono Speedy 30, a Mon Mono Speedy 30 in yellow and ivory (see attached photo), or a Delightful PM. I would appreciate any help or suggestions regarding my suggested bag choices or Mon Mono color schemes... perhaps pros or cons of either of these bag options? TIA

    Also, are there any SLGs that you find are absolutely "necessary"? :biggrin:


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  2. I would pick the Mon Mono Speedy and a must have SLGs for me is my zippy wallet. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Speedy was my first LV but I don't carry it anymore because I've found that I really don't like handheld bags. If you're comfortable with handheld bags though, Speedy is classic and perfect first LV. Delightful is my fave right now though, I wear it almost everyday.
  4. A speedy is always a good place to start, I have many other LV bag's but I still pull my speedy out quite often!
    I like the color choice you have chosen (if you decide to get a mon mono). Good Luck!
  5. if you dont mind handheld then speedy is good, and the personalization makes it special for your first piece. i personally like shoulder bags, but i also like kippered bags, so it all boils down to your choice. id go with the mon mono speedy tho!
  6. Top handle bag.... Definitely a Mon Mono Speedy.,, colour choice completely upto you, I chose blanc/fuschia/blanc with my nickname, pink is just me... Girly girl!

    Shoulder bag I would choose Mono Galliera, prefer the cut and detailing of the bf compared to the Delightful!

    SLG... Definitely a wallet....they are expensive but soooo worth it. It's something that you will use everyday, even when you change bags. Choose one that will hold up well such as all Mono canvas, Damier Ebene, Epi etc. I bought the Boetie Wallet, it's gorgeous but has a lot of vachetta where the wallet is touched most... NOT a good thing! I keep it in it's dustbag all the time... Thinking of buying the zippy when I don't have a bag on my wishlist lol!
  7. Definitely the mon mono speedy as it's more personalised than the reg. one. and would be great as your first LV. You can always get the Delightful later on.

    As for must have SLGs definitely a wallet -- Sarah, Zippy, Insolite, ZCP, etc
  8. Mon mono speedy and a cles is a must have!
  9. Mon Mono Speedy
  10. Delightful
  11. Well, since the Delightful PM was my first LV, I'm voting for that one. In my heart, I'm a shoulder bag kind of girl for 'everyday wear' and it's really more convenient for me with my three girls. As for SLG's, I bought a Mono Zippy the same day I bought my Delightful and I ADORE it. Seriously, I think it's the perfect wallet.

    FYI, I have since purchased a Speedy (a Fusain Idylle) and it's lovely. But, since it's a top handle and not quite as convenient to carry, the Delightful is still my go to bag.
  12. I love the color combo. I have yellow and gold. My favorite slg is the french purse. I love a kiss lock. Good luck choosing.
  13. Mono speedy - as it is a classic. And go for a wallet like french purse or zippy (maybe in Vernis!)
  14. I would go for the Delightful PM

    and a Vernis Sarah Wallet (:*
  15. Mon Mono Speedy 30