I need help picking out a bag!

  1. So i was looking through the men's fall 06 bags and couldnt decide which bag i wanted... i know i want the tote... but not sure if i want the pony skin version or the blanket version... i think i want the blanket... since the pony skin doesnt come in black... and also the tote just looks like a squarish breifcase but i love it
    [​IMG]this is what the pony skin looks like... i think you can feel the little hairs too which is kinda hott...
    [​IMG]this is what the blanket design looks like... i am on the waiting list for this one already(first one on it) but i need opinions too! also does anyone know how much the mink scarves and earmuffs usually run?
  2. I really like the pony skin! great lines! The blanket looks good too, but I like the solid color better. You are getting it in black? That would be perfect!
  3. Are we talking ACTUAL pony skin???? (Ick!!!! :sick:)
  4. I can't really get a good look at the front of the pony one. The blanket one looks good because of the design.
  5. I like the blanket one.
  6. I vote for the pony skin.... I am just not feeling the blanket.

    (real pony???? awe.....)
  7. For some stupid reason the fashion industry has decided that the word "pony" is preferable to the actual skin, which is calf. This has never made sense to me.
  8. i think its a real pony... since if u watch the fashion show... the bag shines with a weird hairy luster... but the pony one only comes in brown and not the black...it also has like a v design on the front... but yea... poor ponys:biggrin:
  9. i actually like the pony skin one better too. i think a solid would go with more and pony skin has such cool texture to it...but i wonder if it would mat up?

    the blanket is hott too though...get the one YOU love. :smile:
  10. hmm, I think the blanket one would be hotter on a guy! And it would go well with suits or with casual outfits! I feel the ponyhair would start to look tired after a while and it'd be harder to clean than the blanket. Also if the hairs start to fray, it'll look weird...
  11. The pony one is nice, but it freaks me out a bit...I vote for the blanket one!
  12. the pony would be nice to pet when im bored at work or school
  13. I like the pony skin one, the blanket looks.. meh.
  14. or you could waste time counting the stitches in the blanket.I like both, they look equally nice.
  15. Okay so its actually calfskin then? I really doubt people could get away with killing little ponies. At least I hope they couldn't.