I need help picking a bag!!

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  1. hii everyone. this is my first post. :shame:

    my 21st birthday is coming up and my parents said they would buy me my first real designer purse. my budget is about $1000.. maybe a little more. im not a big fan of louis vuitton but im open to anything else. i really like chanel but i think its a little out of my price range. i want something cute yet classic enough to wear as i get older. i was looking at dior but i was wondering if you ladies had any other suggestions.

    thanks!! :smile:
  2. have you thought about Balenciaga. They are gorgeous.
  3. i think balenciagas are gorgeous too, but too trendy.

    the first thing that comes to mind when I think of classic LV is the monogram speedy. my other favorite lv bags are the popincourt haut and the batignolles horizontal. why don't you take a look on eluxury.com for the various styles, and then later on go to the boutiques to try them on?
  4. I on the other hand disagree that Balenciaga's are too trendy. They have been around for a while. I think they will be around alot longer. They are gorgeous.:heart: :heart:
  5. I just got my first LV, but I don't like the monogram myself so I went for the Damier. Even though you said you don't like the brand, perhaps you could go that route. And even though Chanel is over your $1000 limit, maybe there are a few items under that range. Call them up. Or you could tell your parents what you want from Chanel and say that you will pay them back whatever the amount over $1000 might be. Lucky girl you! :yes: Let us know what you pick!
  6. oops, sorry... i misread, thought you liked LV.

    well... i agree w/ fired_eye_freak... the damier is just as gorgeous, and not as common as mono canvas.
  7. Welcome to the PF! How about a Gucci? There are so many styles to choose from within your budget.
  8. Hi there!

    I'm a Dior lover and I think your first purchase should be Dior :nuts:...they have some really cool stuff that is perfect for anyone in their early 20s and 30s (Chanel and some other brands are better for older age groups). My other suggestion? Get something made by Dolce & Gabbana, which may not be as popular as LV but at least you won't walk into an event with the same bag as someone else. D&G has some really nice designs that deserve more attention than they get, so try checking out their website to see what they have to offer (if you want to, that is).
  9. The best advice I can give, is to buy something you really like. Everything will go out of fashion, eventually and if you land yourself with a bland bag you don't like that much, just because you think it is a classic, you may live to regret it.

    Personally, with your budget, I'd probably buy a really nice clutch; because I would be able to get a better quality one, than I would a large bag for that price. I'd get a Bottega Veneta Box Clutch, an Alexander McQueen Mini Novak, or a Roberto Cavalli Serpent Clutch.

    But I love clutches and you may not, so, go with your heart! :biggrin:
  10. Ok DON'T FORGET ABOUT PRADA!! They have stunning, classic, beautifully made handbags. You can get one for under $1000 that is great. You can get a beautiful leather hobo/handbag for $1300. They are really reasonable IMO for the understated quality compared to other trendier bags which aren't as well made. I love Prada. I just bought myself a little tote bag that snaps at the top, has a detachable strap and is microfiber and leather. It is gorgeous. Check them out!
  11. Thanks for all your replies! I'll definetly look at all the bags that you suggested and I'll keep you updated on my choice. :smile: I love Balenciaga but I just don't want to be like "what was I thinking" in a couple of years.. I'll keep shopping around though.
  12. maybe a chanel cambon tote.
  13. i would suggest balenciaga, marc jacobs stam or chloe?
  14. Hi there,
    What about a Mulberry, they have tons of nice bags. eg. Bayswater, Araline, Ayler & Julie...Good Luck finding a bag that You like!
  15. Marc Jacobs has some really fabulous bags that fall within your price range that I think are classics. You should head over to the MJ subforum and take a look at the reference guides.