I need HELP! Palermo??

  1. Hi! I made a similar post in a thread but I thought I might as well start my own;) So I've been thinking about getting a Palermo PM, but I have a few questions and I would really appreciate if you bag experts could help me out:tup:
    My first question is: can you use the handels to carry it on your shoulder or are they to short? How many inches are they?
    Second: Is it big enough to fit an A4 pad and school books and stuff like that?
    I think the Palermo is a bit too expensive, but I'm willing to pay if it's really THE ONE, do those of you who are lucky enough to have your own Palermo think it's worth $1000?
    Thanks a lot!:heart:

  2. I strongly recommend getting the GM size if you are carrying books, etc. The straps are adjustable on the GM but not on the PM.
  3. you CANNOT use the handles to carry the PM onto your shoulders. It's too short! And the long strap, you cannot carry it messenger style. Again, it's too short! Plus, if you were to carry books and such, the GM will be a much better fit. The straps are adjustable and you can wear the long strap messenger style.
  4. Totally get the GM!
  5. Get the GM. Its a great bag. I got it as a b-day gift last year on the day it came out. I used it a few times for school, but the semester was almost over so it didn't get that much use. This semester my books are really small so, I won't be using it.
  6. Do you have a boutique, close by? Go in with some of your school stuff and try it on in the GM to make sure you like how it feels.
  7. Does it have metal feet?
  8. I have the PM size and the shorter straps are handheld-only, esp when wearing a coat. I wouldn't advise carrying a load of schoolbooks in it, as it would get too heavy. Its a great tote for casual, papers, etc..
  9. I love the palermo PM, but wouldn't recommend it for school books!
  10. I was just in the Lv store today. I tried on the Palermo. You can't carry the handles on the shoulder...but the sling works great. Its very cute, but casual. If I was the buy another mono that may be my choice.
  11. I think the PM is too small to carry books, it's a good bag to go out and carry the essentials but not with books. You also can't carry it on the shoulders. Get the GM instead.
  12. Well how tall are you? I'm 5'0'' and it fits over my shoulder nicely
  13. I prefer the PM, but I'm short and tiny. GM was overwhelming on me.
  14. Thanks for all your answers! Since I'm about 6'0" and are going to use it mainly in school it looks like it's the GM or nothing. I'm going to stop by the store so I can try it on and see it IRL. Really appreciate all of your answers:heart:
  15. I am also small and petite (5',107lbs). The straps fit fine over my shoulder. Love the PM!