I need help on what bag to get

  1. I need some suggestions for a bag to carry my school stuff in. There are a few requirements....

    it must be light as some of my textbooks weigh over 4 pounds, and pretty cheap (single mom budget :sad2: ), and pretty indestructible. I was thinking of a von dutch bag, that way it can double as an overnight/diaper bag if the need arises. What do y'all think? Do people look silly carrying those around?
  2. umm...herve chapelier, longchamp, coach (get good totes/messengers at the outlets)
  3. Hi sasha-o, what do you think of this?

    If you've the time, please read all the 187 reviews :biggrin: Originally intended as a gym bag, but it has been used as a diaper bag (the reviewer loved it) and as a carry-on as well. Available in four colours.

    $44-99 now

    Material:Soft-hand tonal ribbed nylon Size:16" x 9.5" x 6" Linear inches:31.5"Weight:1 lb , 14 ozCapacity:1181 cu. in.Warranty:Lifetime against defects in material or workmanship

    Also, what do you think of this Parcels handbag (could work as a messenger)?

    Parcel Handbags Octopussy Honey Ryder Crossbody - colour: mermaid
    Canvas and lightweight

    Parcel Handbags Octopussy Honey Ryder Crossbody - colour: Koi
    17 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 12"

    Colour: Octopus
  4. I'm not sure about your budget range, but this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs is both stylish and practical... price = $298. I'm thinking of getting it too actually. :love:
  5. Not sure if a hobo is all that practical, but this leather Tignanello is pretty roomy and light:
    $130-49 now

    Material:Soft pebble grain leather Size:16" x 13" x 0.5" Linear inches:29.5"Weight:1 lb , 3 ozWarranty:30 days against manufacturer's defects

    Not as big .. another Tig bag:
    $121-49 now
    Material: Soft pebble grain leather
    Size: 15" x 11" x 1.5"
    Linear inches: 27.5"
    Weight: 1 lb , 6 oz
    Warranty: 30 days against manufacturer's defects

    $85-49 now
    Material: Smooth pebble leather
    Size: 14" x 11" x 4"
    Linear inches: 29"
    Weight: 1 lb , 3 oz
    Warranty: 30 days against manufacturer's defects

    Stone Mountain Savannah - $76-49 now
    Size: 13" x 8" x 4"
    Linear inches: 25"
    Weight: 1 lb , 8 oz

    $94-50 now
    Material: Butter soft fine grain leather
    Size: 12" x 8" x 3.5"
    Linear inches: 23.5"
    Weight: 1 lb
    Warranty: 30 days against manufacturer's defects
  6. Wow y'all,
    thanks for the suggestions. I like the Herve Chapelier and Longchamp totes. I didn't realize they were that inexpensive. And I also like the MJ tote, but that's a little out of my price range right now (sadly). I am, however, really digging those parcel ones. I like crossbody bags to carry heavy things in. And they have a lot of depth to them, which I need. One of my textbooks is 3" thick.
  7. i found a lot...i can understand you because i spent a lot of time lately looking for a bag for school....finally i bought a LV backpack...
    so this first is from kenneth cole
    (I'm not sure about the paillettes...)
    this timbuk2 that can be worn in 2 ways
    (it comes also in two bigger sizes and a huge range of colours)
    this overland for only 37.95
    this classic ugg
    it's a bit strange, don't know if you like it(it's a BCBGirls)
    this ugg
    this guess(it's a copy of the denim LV)
    it's a bit strange...
    this kangol
    and finally this miss sixty

    i tried to find some cheap ones, since your mother has to pay it....and then it isn't worth buying a very expensive school bag, since you have to throw that away the whole day and it gets easily dirty!!
  8. This is on sale on lunaboston, but it's non-returnable, and there will be shipping charges incurred (not sure if it's still on sale?)


    Loop Large unzipped hobo (nylon, black)

    16"h x 9"w x 4"d

    Another suggestion: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mariposa Shopper Tote
    Available in black or scarlet
    $44-99 now

    Material: Micro ballistic nylon
    Size: 18" x 14" x 6"
    Linear inches: 38"
    Weight: 2 lbs , 2 oz
    Warranty: Lifetime
    33 customers' reviews can be found on ebags, one of these being:
    Date Posted: June 21, 2005
    Reviewed By: Karen from Seattle, WA

    8 of 8 people found the following review helpful.
    "I just got my bag. I ordered the brown ("cappuccino") color. The bag's appearance is quite nice. The fabric is very attractive and has a nice sheen. The faux leather trim would be nicer if it were actually leather, but it looks pretty good. The lining is lovely and there are more interior pockets than I expected. The bag is open design (no dividers,) but on one wall of the bag there is a full length zippered pocket. On the other side, there is a smaller pocket good for keys, pens, or small accessories. I plan on using this bag for travel, gym visits and for my commute when I need to carry a little more stuff. The bag is comfortable on the shoulder because of it's flatter design. I won't have to worry about hitting people with my bag getting on and off the bus. The straps are just a tad long. When holding the bag by the straps in my hand it nearly touches the ground. But the bottom of the bag has little metal feet which is nice. I won't be afraid to put the bag on the ground while waiting at the bus stop, due to the feet. The bag's size and open design makes it very versatile. For business: files and a standard size laptop should fit fine. For school: it would easily accommodate books and a binder. For commuting: I could put in a small/med purse, books/magazines a change of shoes and my lunch easily. Also the fabric of the bag is weather proof. Good for those rainy Seattle days. It is a great size for a carry-on bag for travel: change of clothes, toiletries, reading material, etc. And since it zips fully shut, I won't have to worry about things falling out on the x-ray conveyor belt. The open design allows me to stuff whatever I need to in there, items big or small. It's just what I was looking for."

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No
  9. How about Baggallini bags?

    One of many examples:
    Women's Baggallani Only Bagg $43-45
    Product Description (Women's Baggallini ONR207 Only Bagg)

    The only bagg you'll ever need! This versatile bagg can be used as a travel bagg, a diaper bagg, a briefcase and a bagg for every day use. It fits comfortably over your shoulder. Each of the outside pockets has a mesh bottle holder and two large zippered pockets. the zippered center compartment is full of organizational help! There are three large zippered pockets, a key fob, cell phone or PDA pocket, pen and lipstick holders, and a separate secure zippered wallet for your ID, credit cards etc. As a bonus, a detachable cell phone case is strapped to the handle. Made of lightweight water resistant ripstop nylon fabric.

    Dimensions: 10" x 15.5" x 7.5"

    Available in several colours. $39-99 now on ebags. The version in crinkle nylon costs more - $59-99


    Baggallini Expandable Tote - $29-99


    Material:Microfiber Size:18.5" x 16" x 5" Linear inches:39.5"Weight:1 lb , 5 ozWarranty:Lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship

    • Ideal for the daily commute or a trip overseas
    • The large main compartment has a small mesh zippered pocket inside and expands two inches taller when zipped closed
    • Front side features three pockets- one with a zipper
    • Back side features a large outside pocket
    • Main compartment has a full zipper closure
    • Bag folds flat for easy packing
    • This stylish, lightweight microfiber tote is so sturdy it can hold eight bottles of wine
    • Reinforced with double-stitching throughout

    The Baggallini accordion bag looks like a great idea:

    Product Description (Women's Baggallini ACB236 Accordion Bagg)

    This cleverly designed bagg with its accordion pleated ends, collapses to a small 13.5" x 2.5" with a snap. Simply pull the ends and snap it flat. Perfect for travel, it expands to an eye popping 20" x 14" shoulder satchel that holds all those treasures you picked up on your trip. While this is great for travel, it's also attractive; you'll want to use it everyday. A large zippered opening allows you to see what's inside and the leather straps are adjustable so it fits your shoulder perfectly.

    Dimensions: 13.5" x 2.5" folded, 20" x 14" open

    Features: Nylon

  10. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I love this one with the fish!!!!!! Why must you people torture me so??????!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
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