I need help on Tinted Moisturiser please!

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  1. Girls, i need some advice from you all:

    firstly, i used to have make-up with foundation+loose powder and now im wondering the difference btw foundation and tinted moisturizer? would you prefer foudnation/TM? (do you still put on regular moisturiser b4 the TM?)

    secondly, i have heard about Laura Mercier TM is the best seller, however after reading some reviews most ppl think it is not as good as it was thought and maybe too oily after an hour or too thick...etc anybody is a fan of LM TM? or the oil-free one? give me some advice? so is it actually a best buy product or not so...?

    thirdly, anyone would think LM aint the best, recommend one you love, i need an oil-free but hydrated one and i have combo,sensitive easy to break out skin sometimes can be very dry...im looking at Lancome/Chanel are they still not good enough?

    thanks thanks thanks xoxoxo:heart:
  2. tinted moisturizer is a lighter coverage than most foundations. i really like it better than foundation. i only use foundation when i'm going out for something special. i'm pretty much combo/oily. laura mercier was good coverage but oily. made me shiny and break out! i really love the la mer even though i'm not a huge la mer fan with their other products (just the eye cream). i also just tried Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer. it is tinted and the color says "Light" but it blends well into my tanned skin. it is very, very light coverage though. the la mer covers better.
  3. TM will not give you great coverage but I use it for everyday or when I'm really rushed. It is more than enough coverage for my lifestyle and I use it 5 days a week.
    I use Chanel Tinted moisturizer and I've been very happy with it.
  4. i've tried more expensive TM's but for daily use and convenience i really like kiehl's tinted moisturizer. it doesn't break out or irritate my super sensitive skin :tup:.
  5. Since I discovered La Roche Posay Anthelious XL 50+ creme a few years ago in Paris, I have used nothing else. It is a tinted moisturizer that looks good and has preserved my skin magnificently - You can't get it here, as far as I can tell (not the tinted and not the 50 UVA) so everytime I go, I bring back at least a dozen tubes. If you plan to be in France, or other European countries any time soon, plan to look for it in any pharmacie - perhaps someone you know could bring back some for you. I swear by it!! - It sells in Europe for approx $20.00 tube (it varies from store to store) eBay will rip you off and won't send the tinted version.
  6. I like using TMs better than foundation as well (except if I am going out on Friday or Saturday night).

    I am using Kiehl's TM right now. Biotherm and Bobbi Brown also are great.

    OP--what kind of skin do you have? That will help me give you a better recommendation :smile:
  7. thanks girls!!!! i think i really need to get a TM for casual/daily use...
    thanks for all recommendations, currently i can see Kielh's and Chanel are both far better review than the best buy Laura Mercier...

    Couturegirl: i think i have combo skin...but particularly dry during winter...

    Suzy: is that only in europe? im in the uk...

    Winnie: is La Mer pricy? and what skin type is suits?

    Coachwife6: is the Chanel ur talking about > Hydramax tinted? they only haf few colours to choose from? but i heard its quite good...
  8. ^then any of the TMs I suggested in my above post should work for you...I have dry skin as well :smile:

    Also, I recommend using a primer underneath the TM. I use MAC Prep + Prime with SPF 50...it keeps the TM on your face all day...no 'disappearing' act! :smile:

    What I did when I was shopping for a TM was go to Nordstrom and get samples of all the brands I wanted to try...it took a week or two to experiment with all of them, but it was worth it!
  9. thanks couturegirl!!

    i sometimes would get acne easily so i suppose i have to use thing without any oil base...

    so is primer like makeup base?
    and if you put on TM for that day you still needa use make up remover? coz i suppose TM is similar to other makeup/foundation which needs total cleanse off?
  10. I'm currently using Lorac's ProtecTint. It's got SPF30 I believe and it's oil free. I find that it is very, very light coverage though. Works well for me 'cause I don't have a lot of redness, but it will make me a bit oily by mid-day.
  11. i wouldnt use foundation AND TM... either foundation/loose power or TM/loose powder. I personally use the LM oil-free primer, LM oil-free TM and LM mineral powder (in that order). I have oily skin as well and it hasnt made me break out
  12. That is a good question k29, I never looked for it while I was in London BUT I'll bet they have it there - Try Boots!
  13. k29- yea, i think the la mer is $60 but it lasts. my skin is more oily (some dry spots) and it works great for me.
  14. I use Stila's tinted moisturizer, and I really like it cause the coverage is pretty good, but not too strong. I don't use it everyday though, so I don't know the long term effects like breakouts or oiliness.