I need help on deciding!!!

  1. Help! i really need help on deciding if i should get a large muse or a oversized muse. i really want it in white patent leather! has anyone got any pictures or opinions for me?
  2. Well, it really depends on a couple of factors - how tall are you? how much stuff do you usually carry? are you a fan of big bags?

    I personally think the XL looks fantastic in white, but the XL is a very large bag and can be too big for some people, myself included.
  3. I think the oversized is gorgeous but I am 5'3" and, although I love my heels, the bag swamped me a bit. So I got the large instead and I think it still looks hot. I hope this helps.
  4. thanx! i think im gonna get the oversized! does anyone have any pics?
  5. I can't find any pics of a white patent ...anyone?
  6. It would really depend on how tall you are but I find that even tall girls like the medium size best.