i need help on colors...pretty2 please

  1. i found one thread that explains the question I want to ask right here..but somehow it got lost and I cant find em anymore.

    can anybody please tell me the colors of paddy that are available in the WHITE FAMILY.
    ive heard of ivory, blanc, craie, creme...what else?
    and how are they different? i know there are lots of pictures out there, but w/ the different names ppl give them I just got more confused, plus sometimes the lightning affect the colors.

    pictures would greatly appreciated. i am a beginner, so

    I'm particularly interested in the (if i'm not mistaken), creme color??
    it's not as white as blanc, so that if it gets a little dirty..it doesnt really show, not that i will get them dirty.

    what about this color??? i hope this is not blanc??
    if i cant get my hands on these..i'll just going to get myself a whiskey.
    which one gets along better with clothes?

  2. thats sand i think, you can get that from Net-A-Porter, i believe (Not sure)
  3. Thats sand colour, i think you can get it off Net-A-Porter, but i am not sure
  4. ^^^Yes, that looks like the new Sand color on NAP. I love that color!
  5. does this SAND color have the pink undertone?
  6. yes, its confusing, because it is know at creme on LVR. Its a great colour, and the latest pale colour out. I think its gorgeous and has enough undertones to get away with using this in winter as it is not a snowy white colour
  7. [​IMG]

    That's mine in Craie.
  8. Okay, this is what I know:

    Blanc: White but not pure white. Slight ivory tint. Available in '06
    Craie: English cream, like milk. Yum! Available '05 only.
    Sable: White with pink undertones
    Sand: More taupe than white (like in the photo you posted).

  9. wow, thanks ladies...
    lordguinny, i think it was ur thread that I saw first time, u know so much!
    thanks again
  10. Hi :smile:
    I've just bought a used east west that says Beige on the tag - do you know when that color was available?
  11. here's mine. it's the Blanc/Ivory Paddington from Bergdorf Goodman Online. i got it in April 2006.
    chloe paddington.jpg chloe paddington2.jpg chloe paddington4.jpg
  12. thanks people....really appreciate it, but now i cant decide...=(
    does anybody know about montecarloboutique.com?
    do they sell authentic chloes? it's a pretty good deal
  13. ijoewono.... I really like the Sand color - and I agree with chloe-babe! It would be a nice color in winther too. :smile:
  14. I'm not sure about montecarloboutique? Why don't you try calling your local Saks/NM, etc? When I wanted a cream colored paddington I called NM and they were able to locate me one in 3 days.

    You might have to call some other not-so local department stores, but if you are diligent you can call a lot of them in the country. When I was looking for the elusive Edith I called 5 Saks in the country and 5 NM's. But you know what, after two hours on the phone I locked one up!

    I always try to buy from a department store before venturing into websites whose reputation is unfounded....
  15. [​IMG]
    My favorite cream color of all!