I need help on Celine medium box bag

Jun 4, 2006
Hi all, I'm recently thinking about getting a Celine medium box in Camel or Tan or some kind of brownish or wine color. I have some questions for you experts!

1) What's the current price of the medium size? I think it's $3900 but I want to be sure.

2) Can someone plz post pics to show me how much stuff one can fit in the medium size? I usually carry my fat wallet, sunglasses, lotion, cosmetic bag, iPhone and keys.

3) Is the leather delicate and hard to take care of? I'm usually very careful about my bags but I also have a small kid. I read that the leather is very easy to be scratched, but that on lighter colors scratches won't be as obvious?

4) Will the medium size lose it's shape over time? I want the shape to stay the same (I won't overload it). But a couple of pics I saw here kinda freak me out.

5) I'm thinking to buy from BG so I don't need to pay tax. Any good SA you can recommend to me?

6) Finally, a question about colors. Are they all seasonal or are there some classic colors they always produce? I like a wine looking color from 2011 I think. But the Camel color from this fall seems nice too. Do they also do customized order so I can pick the color?



The Gimme-Queen
Nov 29, 2010
Hey Hikarupanda!!!

The medium box is a great bag!

For pricing, have you looked in the Shopping subforum? You might find the current price there. The Shopping Finds section may also reveal current pricing, but a great way to know for sure is to simply give a store a call.

As for how much a medium box covers, take a peek into the Whats in Your Celine thread. I used it when considering bags and it could be good for you. I believe a Celine-r kindly made a post of whats in hers (or was it a nano? :thinking:) Anyway, hopefully you'll find what you need or someone else will chime in.

Per box leather care, it is susceptible to scratches and dents. However, box leather should patina over time and the scratches should blend in. I don't baby my box bag, but some love wouldn't hurt it if you are to purchase one. A quick search or even a look into Care section could be fruitful. The Hermes section also has good info on box leather.

I've had my large box for over a year and it has held it shape perfectly. I do not stretch the bag out by putting too much in it. Additionally, I never use it more than 2 weeks at a time (wouldn't be fair to my other bag babies :smile:). In the Streetstyle section, there is a pic of a box bag that is really stretched out because its loaded down. I think if you avoid doing that your bag should be fine.

Can't speak about BG SAs an can't speak on colors. But, cotonblanc and others have done a great job sharing info about the Seasons and the colors they have. Look through the Box Reference library, it could help.

Good luck!