I need help on an 07 front pocket bag

  1. Hi

    I am going to finally post "FUgly", before I do, I am wondering if any of you, either own or have actually seen this pocket version bag, in real life!!!!

    Also, has anybody ever had a Chloe bag, with a black suede lining? I have actually seen one bag which I think was a red saddle type bag, which appeared to have this inside.

    Obviously, its impossible to tell off a pic. So I need your help, please.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Are you asking to have a bag authenticated?
  3. Nope, I am asking for information, so I can post some pictures and information to warn people about "a thing" which is the most hideous thing I have ever seen in my life.

    I have posted it here, because it isn't referring to 1 eBay listing, it is likely to appear on eBay from several sources. Not just limited here in the UK.

    I know of one person who has paid almost £500 for one of these things, and to be honest .50p would be too much.
  4. Cool - thanks!