I need help on a decision that's driving me nuts!

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  1. I can't do this one one my own:shrugs: ! Here's the situation:

    I have no birkins at the moment as 2 are trying to be sold by a reseller;
    This is to purchase a new birkin on hold-raisin chevre;
    One of my 2 she has to sell is brand new and RED!
    Will not release raisin until possibly 1 at least sells...ugh!
    Have been waiting almost 3 mos. and nothing!
    I think I want the red back....:wtf:
    Or am I just tired of waiting??
    I do love chevre, however, in my one birkin not used all that much I did end up having quite a lot of wear to the corners...
    The red is togo...
    The only thing is I currently have 2 red bags (rouge h plume in chamonix/rouge garance paris bombay in epsom-all completely different of course:smile: )
    Any thoughts??!!! I need help!:sad: Thanks!
  2. What's the color of the other Birkin you are trying to sell? Have you tried lowering the price to get a quick sale so that you can buy the raisin one?
  3. Raisin Chevre? I would do anything to grab this one.

    Is the raisin chevre from your H store or have reseller? Can you trade one Birkin for this, if it's from reseller?
  4. In real estate, we talk about the four P's of marketing: product, place, promotion, and price. If your purse is in fine condition and being promoted properly in the appropriate places, then price is the problem.
  5. Totally agree. I just spoke to a reseller who prices his new-but-last-year's Birkin around $3000 more than a brand new one retail. While I think $1000-1500 is reasonable premium to pay for a specific leather and color, $3000 is too much. And I told him so too.

    So yeah, maybe relook the price. Good luck!!
    ps. I would grab your red if its a rogue H in swift!
  6. Shoes, your chevre Birkin probably showed more wear because of the lighter color (turquoise, right?)
    Raisin will not show as much wear and I would grab it because you WILL NOT find this one again. It's been discontinued.
    I'd choose this over the red Togo because it's much lighter to carry and you do have two other red bags. JMHO. :smile:
  7. Thanks girls! Keep 'em coming - for some reason I can't even figure out what to wear lately so I'm completely incapable of making this decision! I may suggest to the reseller to lower the price for a quicker sale - as you can see, I'm quite impatient here! I actually wish she would release the raisin since she does have 2 of my bags to sell...Rose, turquoise is the color of the other bag...
  8. ^^ Actually, GT, according to the manager at FSH, raisin is not being discontinued, but it doesn't figure as part of the new collections and to SO it would require a longer wait.

    But since chevre is sometimes tough to come by, I'd choose the raisin chevre birkin over the red togo. I love my chevre birkin - it can take a beating and still look fab! - and it's much lighter to carry.
  9. I think it's price as well.......how 'bout this. Get the red back, since that's the one she'll release. Sell that one on your own without such a mark-up and then turn around and take that money and buy the raisin. :graucho:
  10. Shopmom, you are so wise..
  11. Naaaa.........just ancient and been around the block a few times..........
  12. It's hard... I will give you my personal opinion...But it's totally up to you shoes319....

    My opinion is...I assume that you only get what you pay for from reseller, right? The reason why price is high, and not selling is reseller fees are added to the bag price. So, if the amount of money you are getting from reseller is the same/similar amount to what you pay for the bag, I would take it back and sell it my own without mark-up. It will sell REALLY quickly. I think it would sell on the day you put on a market (or ask around your friends if anyone wants it) or take only a couple of more days to sell without markup.

    (I personally think it would sell on the same day if you bring it up for without mark up by talking to your close/trusted friends).
  13. I agree with Shopmom completely. Enjoy the red one a little, being extra careful with it so you can resell if you wish. I really want you to get the raisin chevre as they are two of my most favorite things so get that turq. and sell, sell, sell. How bad can the corners be?
  14. I am all for trying to see if you can get the red back and sell it yourself. What you can also do is take the Turquoise in for a spa treatment and get the corners touched up. Wait for the Raisin Chevre, unless you are dying for some color. I am very partial to Vermillion but it's not something I can wear everyday. Having said that, Vermillion will be very different from your Rouge H and Rouge Garance...definitely more of a statement bag, and in the 30cm size it will be a more manageable shade.
  15. Yes, I agree. Vermillion in togo is REALLY pretty!:heart: Everyone made a nice commnents when I carry Vermillion. I have two of them in Vermillion. I think you will be happy to get it back. Or if you think it would be too many red bag, sell it your own might be much easier.

    I am sure it would not take like 3 months as you have been waiting to sell it your own if you just want to get your money back...