I need help NOW!!!!!

  1. I just got a new speedy for xmas and on its first shopping trip out it somehow gets a blue ink stain on it!!! Its on the handles and its HUGE! Im FREAKING OUT! Im in my car writing this as im speeding home so i dont have time to search for threads. But i went out and bought the magic eraser that everyone talks about when they have a stain. I dont remember seeing anything on ink stains on the leather so im hoping someone could help me. It is brand new and still the coveted "white" handle. I always wash my hands before i pick it up and i dont even own a blue pen!! Please someone help me asap! I need to fix this pronto!!! Thanks!!!
  2. Try baby wipes first, and then do the magic eraser - the combo should take the ink stain out. Just go slowly. I just treated ink stains on the vachetta of a pre-owned houston and got good results with this. So you should have good luck with a fresh stain.
  3. baby wipes? how slow? like blotting it? thanks for replying so quickly!
  4. Just rub over the area of the stain, and continually replace with a clean area of the baby wipe. You can rub pretty hard. Let it dry before you try the magic eraser so you can get a better idea of what the stain is really like.
  5. i jus saw something about a pencil eraser...have you tried that? should i try that?
  6. scratch that..it doesnt work.
  7. OK - breathe, the baby wipes and magic eraser should get rid of the worst of it. It will be OK. My friend got a nail polish mark on the vachetta of my BRAND NEW (not even used) bag and the magic eraser got that off too. So it is indeed magic.
  8. thank you! but i just did the baby wipes and it doesnt seem to help...i cant still see it and now it just looks like it wet :sad:
    should i wait until it dries before i try the magic eraser?
  9. Yes, wait for it to dry before using the magic eraser. It takes about 1/2 hour to be mostly dry....but I'm not sure how much you saturated the handle with the wipes....
  10. You have to wet the magic eraser to get it to work. Wring it out very well and then rub. It will take it off. I got ink on my handles and it took it off. Don't freak out because it will dry. After you get the stain out, put some conditioner on the handles. You might want to do both handles, so they look the same.
  11. thank you for all for your help! it came off, although i swear i can still see a hint of it, but thats just probably because i knew it was there. i do need to condition the handles so ill have to look up what product will be best for it.

    I was just flipping out because its my first louis and it was its first day out! Not to mention the big blue smudge just looked terrible.

    thank you all for the help though, what would i do without you all?
  12. I'm a bit too late for before and after photos, but I want to see the results... :yes:
  13. I think magic eraser would work good:tup:
  14. Glad it worked, now take some deep calming breathes
  15. Use appleguard or Wilson's. I use appleguard myself and I love it. Glad it came out. Believe me, I've had mishaps with my bags and I've freaked many times! It's normal!!!