I need help... Missing parcel from Fedex

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  1. Hi girls,

    This is the first time I ordered from Coach online. The parcel was supposed to send to my friend's house and from the tracking status it was left on the front door on 3rd apr. But till now, my friend has yet to received the parcel from Fedex. Do you girls encounter such a problem? Please help... Thanks
  2. My guess would be that FedEx delivered it to the wrong address. Did your friend contact them?
  3. hi coachgirl, my friend has called and they want coach to liaise with them. I trying to see if u girls have encounter such incident before. I have been spending on 3 bags on it. It will be a great loss to me if it is lost... sigh
  4. I have never had them deliver to wrong address, but late summer a scarf SAT in Flint the day it was suppose to be delivered. Called FedEx and they promised to investigate and call me later that day. 2 days later I called Coach and they sent another one. THEN fedex called the NEXT day and said they had been unable to locate the package and were closing it out. They had sent notification to Coach and I could call them to have a new package sent or a refund.
  5. Never had any problems with FedEx or Coach sending me anything, I would contact FedEx... it is possible someone stole it from her front door, otherwise I would think it is up to FedEx. Good Luck! :tup:
  6. People seem to be having more and more problems with FedEx lately. My only problem has been that the FedEx guy cut me off the other day while I was driving! Damn him!!
  7. Has your friend checked with any of her neighbors? Has she checked her garage? My neighbors will rescue my packages if it rains. Sometimes they take them home and give them to me when I get home from work and sometimes they will put them in the garage, too.

    Just a thought...
  8. I'm surprised they would allow you to order and have it delivered to an address other than your billing address.

    There are a lot of problems with FEDEX, so sometimes people have their items sent to their closest store. Usually I believe that Coach will replace a lost shipment or refund you at least once, but they recommend in the future that you have it sent to the store. I know of someone that was made to feel like a criminal by Coach when this happened to them, but TBH the FEDEX guys just drop the stuff off with little regard to surroundings, weather, or anything else. I'm surprised they don't have more losses than they do!

    Good luck in finding the package!!
  9. You Should Call Coach And Let Them Know, They Will Replace The Items Once As A Courtesy But They Will Ship It To Your Local Store For Pick Up.
  10. I try to avoid fedex if at all possible. At least every other package is delivered to the neighbor 7 houses down who's address is 1 number off from mine. Luckily, the neighbor is honest and always brings me my packages, but I wouldn't trust some of my other neighbors to do the same.
  11. Thanks all for the reply, I am actually ordering from overseas but sending it to my friend's house in US. It was supposed to be a gift for someone. My friend was at home when the time Fedex came but she did not recieve any doorbell. And she has checked with her neighbours and there were no outcome. Coach mentioned Fedex has the parcel send to my friend's house and I'm surprised that the parcel never arrived. But fortunately Coach has it replaced for me to my friend's local store. Do you girls know how long can they keep? The location is quite far for my friend to travel and she did not drive. Sigh...
  12. It was blessing that you girls have yr Coach sent to yr doorstep. Hopefully mine is not stolen.
  13. FEd ex makes me nervous. They always leave packages outside, knock and run away and then drive away fast. Sometimes I don't hear them and my packages end up on the street :sad: I hope you locate your packages
  14. Fedex leaves things at your door even if you tell Coach you wanted signature required. I don't trust Fedex. Coach stuff should be shipped to your nearest store, it's worth the extra hassle.