I need help making the right decision!!!

  1. I KNOW I want shoes, for sure... but I don't know which ones to buy RIGHT NOW! Help me decide... what do ya'll think about the following?
    I think these are SUPER cute and wouldn't be too difficult to match...

    These are also very cute... I like the ones on the top... the white ones...

    These are very cool too... I like the bottom ones...

    I'm SO confused... HELP ME!!!

    *P.S. Sorry for the pictures being so HUGE... I'm being lazy and don't fell like resizing them... lol...
  2. Second one. Very cute!
    You can probably get the first ones on sale at a Nordy's, Loehmann's or DSW if you wait a couple more months.
  3. the second ones i think are best because they would look cute with a skirt or jeans or capris and could be worn with a variety of color combos.
  4. Yes, second group is very cute and more versatile. Styles 1 and 3 are a bit more casual.
  5. Another vote for the 2nd group!
  6. I actually saw this girl at the mall the other day wearing the second ones, and I got very jealous... lol... hmm...
  7. it kinda depends on what you are going to use them for!! the first are SUPER cute for a crazy plain outfit...second are classy and would look cute with a skirt ( i have a pair and i LOVE LOVE LOVEEE them) and the third are REALLY comfy workout shoes (thats why i use them for!) or you can use them as travel/walk around a lot shoes!
  8. i have those black flats and also those sneakers.

    i say no on the patchwork flats. yes to the flats- they're comfy and cute and casual. and definately you gotta pick up some of the sneakers- they're insanely comfortable (i don't work out in them...but they're great for walking around campus!)
  9. I love the second ones..seeing them makes me want to run buy a pair. I do love the sneakers too, I have some solid white ones and I love the bottom brown ones you have shown.
  10. I like the second ones! They are uber comfortable.
  11. Second group!
  12. I'm going to vote for the second, Great look for the spring/summer, chill days!
  13. Thanks SO much for all of your help, ladies! Ya'll have been SO helpful... I will keep ya'll posted and let you know which ones I buy!

  14. my vote is for the second ones!!
  15. the patchwork is kinda young but very cute, sneakers are adorable!