I Need Help Making a Choice

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  1. I had an issue with my original black leather coco cabas. The leather was slightly puckering inside of the double c's. I brought it back to Chanel and they sent it out to be looked at. Well that was 4 weeks ago and they still have not recieved the bag back.( in the next few days, hopefully). They did inform me that is the way the bag will wear because of the distressing. I am not sure if I am happy with that. I did ask about the baby cabas in khaki and was told that if I want to return my original black cabas that they will be happy to give me the first khaki cabas that comes into the store. They will be shipped shortly. Should I keep the original black leather cabas or should I take the khaki?????? I am not a small person and was wondering if the baby cabas will look like it is too small?? HELP. I am dealing with the boutique in Palm Beach, and they are so nice.
  2. The Baby Cabas is definitely NOT too small.
    If you're dissatisfied w/ the other, which it seems like you are, I'd exchange it:yes:
  3. ^^ITA with Amanda. I'd exchange it too.:yes:
  4. EXCHANGE! To help you with proportions of the baby Cabas, I'm a size 14 and 5'4". The baby looks great one me--doesn't look like a "tiny" bag on a "large" woman. It's a good sized bag. The other Chanel bags that I own that look in proportion to me are the large (227) Reissue and a medium Lux Bowler--hope that helps!
  5. I would definitely exchange it!
    coz the baby cabas is cuter for me:love:
  6. Exchange! I think the baby is cuter and it doesn't sound like you're 100% on the original. Plus it's newer and shinier so if you're anything like me it's the right choice!
  7. Exchange! If you are unhappy with the wear on the first bag there's no reason to keep it. The khaki Cabas is a gorgeous bag--I say go for it!
  8. the baby ain't no baby at all!!! It's a very generous size bag. The regular is like a beach bag! Exchange!
  9. ...definetly do the exchange,but, if you are going to get the baby cabas........get it in white. Hands down the white is better. The khaki doesnt do it any justice. The baby cabas also comes w/ a nice size quilted tootsie roll shape cosmetic bag.
  10. I'm going with the majority. Exchange it!
  11. I say exchange it :P
  12. I'd definitely exchange!
  13. yup, i'd exchange too. i think the baby cabas is much cuter, and i do like it in the cabas. just make sure you're satisfied with whatever you choose in the end bc that's the most important thing.
  14. yeah exchange it... and like DJO said get the white... !! its gorgeous.. I am not to fond of the khaki- which i consider bronze...lol
    the white to me is INCREDIBLE...