I need help lol

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  1. Ugh I didn't realize how many bags I have this isn't counting accessories, scarves or fobs. I feel guilty for even looking at more bags :sad:

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  2. ^^ Oh my!! You've got some nice stuff! Do you use everything?
  3. Wow, have you counted how many coach bags you have?
  4. I don't even have the nerve to put all my bags together for one picture! I'm not sure they would all fit on one king size bed.

    What I see in your picture is incredible variety. There doesn't seem to be any duplication. Lots of sizes and colors. I think you have a very nice collection.
  5. Nice collection! If you're expecting browbeating here you're not gonna get it because we understand! We're here to enable! :biggrin:
  6. What a fantastic collection! Lots of fun prints and colors! Don't be ashamed or feel guilty! Bags are fantastic. They are useful accessories, just like shoes and sweaters and coats. I wouldn't blink if someone told me they had thirty pairs of shoes, so why would I care about thirty bags?
  7. I love you ladies!!! You made me feel so much better, I showed my friend and she said I should sell some which made me feel excessive but this is the one thing I love to collect and I try to use them all but I do have my favorites that I use more than others...I'm snowed in here in VA beach so I wanted to take them all out and see if I "needed" a bag I was looking at on the bay haha.
  8. You have a very nice collection! Don't feel guilty about looking at more!
  9. How much fun is that! Great collection something for every mood! Enjoy them and I'm glad you try to use them all. My collection is smaller and I'm so guilty of not using them. I'm trying to get better at that.
  10. I don't see the problem LOL AWESOME collection!!! :woohoo:
  11. wow, an awesome collection! i agree - lots of variety in shapes, colors, sizes :smile: Collecting bags is "my thing," too, so i totally understand. Let go of the guilt! :smile:
  12. I've been feeling guilty too, I understand.... LOL
  13. Awesomeness!! Gorgeous, fun collection you have! :biggrin:
  14. Dont feel bad...I just started collecting in August..and feel i have alot! This pic is missing my new Courteney bag! Lol...But I got all on sale and only 2 weren't outlet price..thats how I justify my purchases! 2 or 3 of my sale bags are the price of one full price bag! Lol....learn to justify! Lose the guilt! Great collection!
  15. My pic didn't show up...will try again...but I have 10 purses since Aug...2 per month? Not to bad...lol ...but that's not including wallets and accessories !